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  1. Hey everyone! I just received an email at 1:02pm (Eastern Standard Time) with additional information regarding the interviews. The email states: "We have NOT selected applicants for interviews as of yet, however, we wanted to send a “Save the Date” to applicants indicating when our interview date will be held. We know that some applicants are out of state, therefore we want to give you time to make travel plans in the event that you are chosen for an interview. IF chosen for an interview, The AACC/UMB PA Admissions Committee will be holding interviews for the class beginning May, 2015 all day on Friday, November 14, 2014. Applicants who are chosen for an interview will receive an email with specific instructions and information regarding the interview process by October 15, 2014." So everyone that is interviewing will know by the 15th, not next Wednesday but the following! Good luck to everyone!
  2. I agree as well! Just keep in mind that your grades, health care experience, degree etc. all got you to this point; show them who you are and why you would be a good fit for their program and that you are a team player/able to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.
  3. I'm in as well! I got the email at 8:55am but didn't check it until now! Congrats everyone!
  4. How does everyone feel about the probation status? After interviewing there, I definitely feel that the program is taking all of the necessary steps to have the probationary status lifted.
  5. I interviewed today! It was an incredible experience and every one there was extremely warm and welcoming!
  6. Mine is at 12:30! Is anyone familiar with the interview process at this school?
  7. For those of you who were accepted to this program and have presumably just started, how was the interview process? What sort of questions did they ask? If you could be so kind to share some insight on this it would be much appreciated.
  8. I received my call this morning! I am interviewing August 20th as well!
  9. I sent in my supplemental application on August 7th and am still waiting for the receipt to come through!
  10. I am still waiting to hear back as well! I suppose no news can be taken as good news as of right now? The waiting game kills me! I am constantly checking my email for an update.
  11. Hello everyone, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this rough draft of my personal statement. It is currently 60 words over limit but I like the general direction that I have taken with it. My passion and commitment to health and wellness is a significant part of my identity. What started as doing pull-ups in my bunk bed has evolved into a rewarding career as a personal trainer. For the past four years my experiences have allowed me to build relationships amongst a diverse population of clients. By believing in a holistic approach to health and being a true advocate for their successes, I have been able to better the lives of numerous people which has been a truly rewarding experience. After completing my associate’s degree however, my desire to help others evolved and I yearned to be able to do more by furthering my scope of practice. I wanted to be to begin treating and diagnosing patients while continuing to educate and establish relationships amongst a diverse and unique population. It is for these reasons I began preparing for a future career as a physician assistant. After researching the admissions requirements for physician assistant school, I knew the road ahead was going to be an arduous task. Having graduated with a mere 2.74 GPA from community college, I knew I was going to have to perform exemplary during the pursuit of my bachelor’s degree. To better prepare myself for the diverse patients I would treat and the diversified health care providers I would eventually work in collaboration with, I chose to go to UMBC, an honors college known for its diversity amongst the student population. Learning to communicate with people from numerous cultures and backgrounds allowed me to gain a newfound appreciation and understanding of the diversity that exists in our world. Another significant factor that has better prepared me for PA school is my degree in interdisciplinary studies. Most problems we face in this world (especially in the medical arena) are complex and multi-causal with many factors leading to their existence. As a PA, it will be crucial to approach patient treatment and diagnosis, as well as working in a team-based approach with other health care professionals, from an integrative approach that incorporates insight and understanding from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. The young, naïve, kid, that thought he knew everything five years ago is no longer. Instead, in his place is a young man that has come to truly appreciate the value of education and stands by his summa cum laude achievement as testament to this statement. The experiences in which I have gained through working in preventative medicine, treatment, and post-mortem care, has allowed me to further my insight and gain a more clinically developed mindset. After shadowing several PA’s across a broad range of specialties, I am certain that this is the best fit for me and my life goals. To have the autonomy to make important decisions while also working as part of a larger medical team is the perfect fit for me. Despite the challenge that this process has been, I have not once reconsidered my chosen path. In fact, I am thankful for having to have taken the more difficult path because it has forever changed my mindset and my ability to perform under pressure. In conclusion, from these experiences I have developed a true appreciation for what it takes to become a physician assistant and it is for these reasons that I seek to expand my ability to help others in this new role.
  12. BMBenn, it looks like we will be applying to a couple of the same programs! I'm going to the next information session. How was the one last week?
  13. Are you from the area? I will be applying this cycle and am getting both excited ad nervous for the application process at the same time. If you don't mind, could you shed some light not what your credentials were? Grades, HCE, etc. Congratulations!
  14. Is anyone going to the information session next Tuesday at 6pm?
  15. How is this program? I am a Maryland resident but I have not given much consideration to this program. I feel like they have almost the same requirements class wise as medical school (some of which I have not taken).
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