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  1. The job I just took is offering me half my salary until my hospital contract is finalized.. supposedly this will only take about a month. Is this common? I mean I guess I really can't do anything productive until the contract is finalized.
  2. sakas13

    Jobs in Tucson

    Hi there! I am going to be a new grad in May from George Washington University and moving with my husband to Tucson. Just trying all avenues to see what is out there for potential jobs. I am interested in surgery and emergency medicine. I would be really appreciative for any help, even if it's just advice about the city! Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know how we are notified? Email, mail, or phone call?
  4. September 16th and still nothing.. talk about patience :)
  5. @ajfox was it you that were interviewing at Red Rocks as well? If so how did it go? I hope all is well and I will be crossing my fingers for us!!
  6. Hi paadmissions, I interviewed at my first two schools back in september and still have not heard back! One of them this was expected since they aren't rolling admissions, but the other is. Is it common to wait months to hear back? At what point should I contact the school to check-up on my status? Maybe I am just getting antsy but it seems like a long time to wait. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone from the 9-18 interview heard anything? Good or bad?
  8. Where is the "decision status" link? I can't find it anywhere...
  9. I interview the 16th! Hotels are expensive though.. anyone found any good deals?
  10. I don't think I saw very many bring their significant others... maybe one pair? I would just go alone and really use the time to get all your questions answered because it is all GW current students. You can ask them anything and everything they are super nice and super helpful!
  11. The meet up before was super informal... T shirts and jeans or whatever you want!
  12. Yosemite aren't you also interviewing at CU 9-18?? Congrats! DC is going to be kind of a shock to this small town girl but I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
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