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  1. Congratulations to all of you who have received interviews! It's truly an exciting yet nerve-racking time. Interviews are usually held weekly (sometimes 2 interview sessions in a week) throughout the month of March. Good luck to those who are still waiting to hear back!
  2. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted!!! Please join the CUNY School of Medicine Class of 2022 Group on Facebook so you can get acquainted with your new classmates and ask any questions.
  3. Hey Guys! Just wanted to give you an update. From what I've just heard today 3/14 is the last interview date. Good luck to everyone who has already interviewed!
  4. When I applied last year, it was weekly interviews sometimes 2 in a week during the month of March. There's a new program director so I don't know if she has switched the process up.
  5. In my class, there are only 4 out of state students out of 33 students. 2 are from New Jersey, 1 from Connecticut, and 1 from California. Hope that helps!
  6. My stats: GPA: 3.81 SGPA: 3.84 Didn't retake any classes PCE: 3200 hours EMT Major: Bio-behavioral Health Lots of volunteer work, shadowing, and mission trips as well
  7. For everyone who was accepted and will be attending this program please join the Facebook group: CUNY School of Medicine PA Program Class of 2021!
  8. I'm from Brooklyn but I also want to cut down on the commute and move closer to campus. The Towers does look pretty expensive so I'm looking for more affordable options.
  9. Is there a FB group for accepted students? Anyone else submitted their deposit?
  10. So i just received an acceptance email today! I interviewed on 3/28. Omg i'm so excited!
  11. I interviewed on 1/18 and I was also placed on the waitlist about 2 weeks ago. The email just stated that there was a large alternate pool of applicants and no ranking system.
  12. I received an acceptance email sometime last week off of the ranked list. I was surprised since they said we would hear back around January 31st. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
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