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    My stats: GPA: 3.81 SGPA: 3.84 Didn't retake any classes PCE: 3200 hours EMT Major: Bio-behavioral Health Lots of volunteer work, shadowing, and mission trips as well
  2. For everyone who was accepted and will be attending this program please join the Facebook group: CUNY School of Medicine PA Program Class of 2021!
  3. I'm from Brooklyn but I also want to cut down on the commute and move closer to campus. The Towers does look pretty expensive so I'm looking for more affordable options.
  4. Is there a FB group for accepted students? Anyone else submitted their deposit?
  5. So i just received an acceptance email today! I interviewed on 3/28. Omg i'm so excited!
  6. I received an invite this morning to interview on March 28th!
  7. smartypagirl

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I interviewed on 1/18 and I was also placed on the waitlist about 2 weeks ago. The email just stated that there was a large alternate pool of applicants and no ranking system.
  8. smartypagirl

    Cycle 2017-2018

    I received an acceptance email sometime last week off of the ranked list. I was surprised since they said we would hear back around January 31st. Good luck to everyone still waiting!

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