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  1. Yay! I'm so happy for us! I just joined the fb group so I'll look for you all or if you see me first (Bridget Ann) feel free to send a friend request!
  2. I got my acceptance today as well! (Bridget) anybody else from the Sept 26 interview accept? So excited!! Also is anyone living downtown? Congrats to everyone!
  3. I got my acceptance today as well! (Bridget) anybody else from the Sept 26 interview accept? So excited!! Also is anyone living downtown? Congrats to everyone!
  4. My application was verified mid-May and on 7/9 they emailed me to clarify one of my pre-req's. No interview offer as of yet. Waiting and hoping! Refreshing my email any chance I get! :)
  5. Got my interview invitation via email yesterday as well! I will be there on September 26th! I picked that one bc I'm still living and working in St. Louis, but will be moving up to Chicago in September. Good luck everyone!
  6. CASPA verified 5/19, Got my under review email on 5/23, waiting is the worst! Got my first interview invite from Rosalind Franklin yesterday. I guess the time has come! ** biting nails**
  7. Hi guys, I feel that I'm in a pickle and need some advice soon before I turn in my application for this cycle. I'm currently trying to decide who should write my third recommendation letter and I keep going back and forth about my options. Some background: I did research in undergrad (3.94 Biology and Psychology GPA) and also have my Master's in Education and was a high school health science teacher for 2 years in a low-income urban area. Recently I left that job and am working full time as a patient care technician w/ my CNA license at a hospital (1,300 hours accrued as of today). I have also traveled to Costa Rica for really fun medical mission trip this past summer. As far as job shadowing, I have about 35-40 hours mostly w/ a cardiothoracic surgery PA. My GRE Q: 153 GRE V: 156 Writing: 5.0 My question is who should I get my 3rd LOR from? I currently have one from my nursing supervisor at my current PCT job, I also have one from my PI in undergrad, and I'm tring to decide if I use my science department teacher leader/menor as my third OR the PA I've been shadowing? This may sound like a silly question- the PA was great and let me watch 3 different open heart surgeries, watch rounding, observe pre-op consults and bedside procedures (draining a pleural effusion), and taught me some things about EKG's and we also talked a lot about school and what to look for, how to focus on being a good practicioner vs. a high GPA seeker. However, I have only shadowed him like 3 or 4 times and I feel that his letter might lack depth into my character simply because he doesn't really know me as well as my mentor from teaching. My teacher mentor was in a supervisory role and saw me organize some great things while I taught- I hosted 3 blood drives, help put together a free health fair/screening for parents of our community, participated in science nights at the elementary schools where my senior students and I would teach families about how to read nutritional labels and take blood pressures, etc. He offered before I left to write me a letter if I ever needed and said he wished I didn't have to leave. He also has a health background- started off as an X ray tech, has his EMT-b and went to med school for 2 years before deciding he didn't want the lifestyle and became a overly qualified AP biology and biotechnology teacher. So when schools look at letters, are the looking at the quality or the title of the person more? I'm assuming most people try to get a letter from a PA, but I just don't want to be fool and ask someone else and blow my chances for the wrong reasons. Thanks for any advice!
  8. These are all helpful suggestions- EXCEPT (of course it can't be as easy as you think...) Midwestern will NOT accept any online lab credits... I was thinking "Oh, well then I'll just find a 5 cr hr class with a lab online!" No go.
  9. Also Gervon R.T. check the FAQs of each school carefully- also CALL the admissions about your situation. Some of the schools I've applied to do not count hours that were earned during the process of certification as HCE. Only after you are certified and earning hours would those schools count it. For example when I did 100 hours to earn my CNA, they would not count. It really stinks, but watch out for that! Read the fine print :)
  10. I was wondering if I could get some advice on my letters of reference. I am currently reapplying to PA school- I don't want to blow my chances by asking for the wrong letters. I have a 3.95 overall GPA from both undergrad Bio/Psych and my Education Masters. I'm currently working as a patient care tech as a hospital earning my HCE hours. My GRE scores are pretty good 159V, 153Q, 5.0 AW. I have 4 schools that I'm applying to and 2 out of the 4 want an academic reference from a professor/faculty member as a reference. They were pretty specific and to the point- I even called admissions. However, as it's been stated in other threads, I think my academic record speaks for itself; I really just want a GOOD letter! So here are my choices/dilemma: 1. I worked in a research lab in undergrad (graduated in 2010) and my PI is still willing to write me a LOR. I believe she will write me a pretty good letter. She wrote one for the last app cycle, and I'm assuming she would be looked at as more of an academic reference, but since I last worked for her 3-4 years ago, I feel that it's a bit out of date...How do admissions feel about the date I last worked for a person/timing of a reference? 2. I worked as a Health Science teacher for 2 years in an urban area. It was a challenging job and as a new teacher, I was assigned a mentor by the building principal, and he happened to be the lead teacher for the science department. He was amazing! He received $100,000 grant for our department for having his students sequence a gene of a sunflower, we developed a co-taught pharmacology unit together for our seniors, it was overall a great experience. He actually was in medical school for 2 years before leaving (by choice) and pursuing teaching. He offered to write a letter for me as we became pretty close over those 2 years; he didn't want me to leave the district. I'm sure he could attest to my abilities. I really want to ask him, but I'm thinking that many PA schools won't see it as a good reference because he was technically a "colleague" and is just a "teacher". I say the latter begrudgingly because I think too much weight is given to titles rather than the quality of a person... My other letters will come from my charge nurse on my floor (she's great and see's me work with patients almost every time I work if she's charge) and a surgery PA I've shadowed a couple of times- really supportive and gives good guidance for application stuff. What should I do?
  11. You guys are giving me awesome feedback- I so appreciate it! @Greenmood- I am rethinking Midwestern; they have a new 4 hr anatomy requirement that I can't fulfill by taking it online- which is my only option due to working full time! Also, you are very right about the Metra being a way to study, I hadn't thought of that. How was your commute living downtown and going to RF? I'll PM you some more questions when I think of them! When it comes to LOR's, I'm a little stuck. I'm planning on getting one from a nurse manager or charge nurse who works with me at my current job, a PA that I've shadowed and then one more. I have the choices of my PI from undergrad (I haven't worked for her since early 2011 but she still could attest to my academic ability and work ethic) or my mentor teacher and colleague from my teaching position. My prinicipal retired and the asst prinicipals weren't the brightest crayons in the box- they couldn't handle school policies, much less would I trust them with something like this for my future... however my mentor teacher was awesome- he actually went to med school for 2 years before leaving, and he has offered to write me a letter. He knows my work with students and taught me how to gram stain and other things that I then taught my students. Do you guys think I should ask him rather than the PI from undergrad lab? I wasn't sure how PA schools viewed having "just" teachers write recommendations. (I say that with sarcasm) Or do you think I should get 1 from my current nurse manager, 1 from the former PI, and one from my former mentor teacher? That would cover my professional past pretty well...I'm just not sure if I should throw out one of them and get a PA that I shadow's recommendation instead. Thoughts?
  12. @Pbuonocore: Thanks! That gives me a little hope. I feel like a lot of the applications stuff is stressful and sometimes ambiguous as to what they want- it's nice to know someone with a similar background got accepted! My personal statement focuses on my experiences as a teacher and how they led me to PA. Since your PS was apparently pretty good, could I PM mine to you? You could take a look and see what suggestions you have to strengthen it. @Wet Dog: Master's GPA was 4.0 (it was a relatively easy program, compared to Bio in undergrad) The A&P is something I'm struggling with right now. Midwestern recently added a new requirement for next year's applicants of 4 hours of Anatomy and from what I understand, online and comm college courses don't cut it... Thanks MW....I understand the anatomy requirement and was shocked they didn't have it before, but requiring it to be taken university level...some of us don't have $$ or time for that as we're getting our HCE hours! Northwestern is ok with Anatomy being taken separately and ok with comm college and online classes as well. But I don't want to ruin my chances at a school if I don't have to... Also LOR are something I need as many of the programs want a "science professor". My PI is a science professor, even though I never took her classes. She knows my academic and work abilities better than any random lecture hall professor would, yet I've been advised to seek a different LOR from a professor...? I think that's silly. @Greenmood: Haha, I have a friend at Rosalind's Podiatry school. It's just a little far away for me from downtown where I'll need to live. But, sacrifices, right? I'm actually not as familiar with their program. What was your experience like? The research on the other hand may sound like medical school, but I never took the MCAT, never had a huge interest in medical school in general. Actually, my original plan was vet school- so no PA has not always been my dream, caught me! But as a bio major, the lab was a great way to make connections, get some applicable knowledge of science, and also to make sure that PhD was not the route for me.
  13. Hi guys: Pretty sure I'm not gonna make it in this time around, so I'm gearing up to try again in April with a stronger application. Open to suggestions about how to make this time a more successful round! Schools: Anywhere in Chicago. Northwestern, Midwestern, and Rush to be specific. My sig other of 5 years is doing his residency there for the next 4 years so it's sort of a must for me to be in the Chicago area. We've done long distance through nearly half of our relationship due to career goals, now it's time to close the gap. Stats/Background: BS in Bio, BA in Psych (double major in undergrad) 3.95 GPA, with honors Masters in Education (accelerated teaching program for science majors, wasn't sure what I wanted to do after undergrad, but I got a grant to do this and I like science and teaching so I went for it. Still always wanted to be in medicine, but not MD or DVM, both of which I considered) -Taught Health Science class for high schoolers for 2 years after finishing my master's. Ran health events at school (health fair, science night, blood drives, bone marrow donor drive), set up job shadowing for my students, I became a CPR instructor through AHA and certified my students, taught them how to take vitals, anatomy etc. ~1000 hours research experience- during undergrad I worked in an Endocrinology/Women's Health lab doing tissue culture, fluroescence microscopy, and endometriosis surgeries/tissue collections on mice. Worked about 8 hours or less per week or as needed for nearly 3 years. Great PI who will still write a LOR if asked. ~100 hours HCE from medical mission trip to Costa Rica (pt hx taking, physical exam, vitals, learned medical Spanish basics) ~575 hours HCE and counting from current job as a Patient Care Technician on a telemetry/PCU floor at a hospital in my hometown. Got the job because I got my CNA certification one summer while I had time during my teaching career. ~ 20 hours of PA shadowing and counting. Shadowed a Hepatology/Liver transplant PA twice, a Cardiothoracic Surgery PA once and got to be in the OR to watch an aortic valve replacement with the PA as first assist in surgery (awesome!), and am on the calendar to shadow a Rheumatology PA and/or a Pulmonary/Critical Care PA as soon as they will let me! GRE scores are V: 159 Q: 153 Analytical Writing: 5.0 I still have to take Microbiology (currently taking) and Anatomy (already have 5 Physiology credits from undergrad). I did not get any interviews this year (or highly doubt I will at this point) because at the time of deadline for CASPA, I submitted even when I did not yet have my tech job. I updated all of my schools, but I pretty much figured my application was late and a little weak this year. Now that I do and I am accumulating hours, I am planning on reapplying, hoping to be more successful. Any suggestions of any other things I should work on before this summer? Thanks! :)
  14. Hey guys, Did anyone notice that Midwestern's website changed their list of prereqs for those of you who are applying for the 2014-2015 cycle? They now say that "4 credit hours of anatomy will be required for students applying for the 2015 class year" next to their Biology w/lab credit hour requirements. This is a predicament for me- I was a Bio undergrad, have all my prereqs done except Microbiology (taking online now) and Anatomy (it was reserved primarily for Nursing school students at my university). I was planning on taking both micro and anatomy online through BYU as it is more affordable than most online programs, but BYU's anatomy only gives me 3 anatomy credits! Anybody have any suggestions to this, or any additional information about these new requirements? Thanks! Bridget
  15. To person who asked can PAs and MDs survive in the same job market: I believe they can- many MDs are not going into primary care fields anymore bc after it's all said and done, time, money spent, loans that need to be repaid, malpractice insurance that needs to be paid, many physicians think something like a family practitioner is not going to be worth all the stress/$ they forked out to become a doctor. Correct me if I'm wrong, but MD is becoming more and more of a specialist degree, while I can see in the future, PA's taking a front seat in the primary care role. If PAs still choose to work in specialist areas however, I think that would be more difficult to gain autonomy and get out from under MD thumbs
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