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  1. Hey @audum. I spoke with Prof. Forest -- who leads the USC PA's in their thesis curriculum -- on my interview day. He explained that the thesis is individualized and typically exceeds no more than 10-15 pages of written research/literary review. In addition to this, he discussed the importance of the thesis' application (i.e. in community health, maximizing cross-cultural communication w/patients, etc...) and said that the USC PA Program specifically prides itself in assisting it's students to generate publishable material (for those who have a special interest in research). Otherwise, it seemed pretty relaxed and set-up so that each student can tailor it to his/her interests.... whether those be in research or in avoiding intense research/thesis-based writing all together. Hope this helps!
  2. @ktcan10, you are correct on all accounts. And USC does not suspend your application while prerequisites are in progress. They will review it alongside everyone else's and your acceptance will be contingent upon proper completion/submittal of prereqs. and transcripts in Dec. '13 for science prereqs and June '14 for any non-science prereqs. Early submission is the way to go, I submitted CASPA first week of July and my secondary mid-August and landed a spot in the first interview in Oct. I was accepted a week+ later, very relieving to be done and stress free so early in the acceptance process. Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions regarding USC's application process and best of luck on your journey to become a PA :)
  3. Congrats newly accepted!!! And to anyone who has been accepted & will be attending USC, feel free to join the fbook group I posted about earlier (hopefully everyone can find it?!)
  4. Thanks CaintrestPA! Also, we started a facebook group "USC PA Class of 2016" http://www.facebook.com/groups/370457319708645/ Good luck to everyone!
  5. Hey JB1, there is a group interview involving you + 3 interviewees and 4 faculty members. Thankfully, each interviewee is asked a different question and they are specific to your experiences/what you have done to help give them a feel for your preparedness to handle various situations in the future. There are 2 individual interviews that feel more like a conversation instead of a Q&A session. Lastly, there's a short writing portion. USF does a great job at helping you relax from the moment you walk through the doors. There are current students available to talk to and the faculty is very warm and friendly. Main thing to remember is take a deep breath, relax, and have fun/be yourself. Best of luck this week!
  6. I'm also in the same boat as ERPAHolly and USC_PA. Like everyone has said, the interview experience is incredibly welcoming. They already know you have what it takes to make a great PA student and PA-C so take a deep breath, relax, and try to be yourself. Congrats to those of you who have and will continue to receive interview invites, remember this process continues through March so try not to fret if you haven't heard from them yet. I promise you this will be the best interview experience you'll have, so enjoy!
  7. Congrats ERPAHolly and USC_PA! So ecstatic and proud of all of us! ERPAHolly, I remember you (based on your Miley Cyrus comment in the other thread). I was the identical twin who trekked to Macchu Picchu. USC_PA, what about you? I'll look into starting a facebook group so that everyone can get connected.
  8. Hi everyone, I just got the phone call from Dr. Lohenry this afternoon! So grateful and overjoyed!!! Can't wait for August and to meet my future classmates!
  9. I've spent the past year shadowing a PA who completed his degree through MEDEX 4 years ago and he is a phenomenal practitioner. He practices with great autonomy bc of how much confidece his supervising physician has in his abilities, life experience, and diagnostic/decision-making skills. I think the key is to reflect on the pros and cons of each program and, if time permits, get into contact with one or two of the OHSU-based PAs to do some informational interviewing about their overall experience. I know OHSU, like MEDEX, also emphasizes primary care to better serve the underserved regions throughout the state of OR. I hope this helps and congratulations on your acceptance!
  10. Hey everyone, anyone else hear any news in regards to acceptance?! Christina -- I'll pm you so we can exchange contact info.
  11. @arel296, this is Sarah :) the one who sat next to you/did the group interview with you. Congrats to us both, still in shock about it/so happy!
  12. I just received my acceptance email yesterday afternoon! So so excited too! @arely296, were you at the Sept. 13th interview?
  13. Does anyone know any information about ATSU's 'probational status' in terms of its Accreditation? Did they discuss this at the interviews? Seen here -- http://www.arc-pa.org/acc_programs/
  14. Oops, I just realized today is the 2nd (I've been out of the country for the past two months and seem to have lost track of which month I am in). Best of luck on everyone's upcoming interviews!
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