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  1. ssarnold, I got the opposite impression from AACC and Towson. That's weird! Whereas Towson specifically asks for at least 400 HCE hours to apply (800+ I think to be considered competitive?), AACC doesn't require HCE but does state on their website that the average number of HCE hours of accepted students is something like 1600. I know AACC ranks applicants by GPA's first (overall GPA, then science GPA... something like that) before HCE when they decide who to invite for interviews -- at least according to their website. I guess they could always change without notice. I'm not sure how Towson decides on interviews. Consistency among programs would make this process easier, huh? :xD:
  2. This whole time I thought it was three weeks after my interview, but now I realize that it was actually FOUR weeks after my interview day (Aug. 9th) that I heard back. I got an email on Sept. 6th telling me I had been accepted. Haha, why did I think it was three weeks? :P I kept checking my mail like a crazy person, but then I called Shirley Shaw the day BEFORE the email went out and she was like, "We'll let you know through email." She laughed when I told her I had been checking my mail. WHEW! I could have saved myself MANY nervous trips to the mailbox! Good luck guys! How was the interview today?
  3. bhtoon1 -- I think my interview day (August 9th) had 27 interviewees: three sessions of nine people each.
  4. That's what mine was. But my interview had two faculty members, not three.
  5. Hey Nikita, I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner -- for some reason, this site has been down on my computer & my phone for the last two weeks! WEIRD!! Here is some input for your interview: 1) We didn't have a group exercise, unless you count the tour. 2) BSN-PA is right -- I think the point of the essay is to make sure you can communicate clearly in written English! Do your best and don't overthink it. 3) We didn't have a group interview on our day, but think they've had one in past years (Possibly? Maybe that's only a rumor). Make sure to show your enthusiasm and dedication to the profession. I think going into it with a sense of humor helps too. GOOD LUCK!!! Katie :)
  6. Thanks for the words of wisdom, everyone! I'm glad I found this thread. I was recently accepted into the Towson-Essex PA program in MD. Even though I won't start school until June 2013, I'm already getting excited! ...but I will definitely slow down and enjoy my free time while I still have it! ;) Katie
  7. Hi runita -- I actually ran into some computer problems when I tried to submit my intent form online, so I emailed Shirley Shaw to straighten it out and she called me the same day. If you still don't get a call on Monday, I would recommend either calling or emailing Mrs. Shaw -- she's really helpful. Things may be a teeny bit crazy in the office at the moment since they sent out some acceptance notifications a few days ago, but it definitely can't hurt to contact her, especially since it's been almost a week. Good luck! :) Katie
  8. Congrats to you both!! I was accepted, too - got the email today!! :D See you all next year????
  9. Sweet!!! Okay, so... I wonder if/when we'll start hearing from the College of Health Professions and/or the PA program?
  10. Hey ssarnold -- I got that email, too! Yesterday. I guess it's good sign? Definitely not a bad sign.
  11. Any more news on the interview front, gabriela??
  12. That's frustrating, Amy! I remember having to delay my CASPA application submission back in May for the same reason. GAH! PS: I haven't heard anything yet... now I'm starting to feel anxious.
  13. No, not hard. I tried to be kind of funny. At least, I hope it was considered funny-ish.
  14. Not bad! I was crazy stressed about it beforehand but it turned out okay! I hope I did well, whew. All the first year students who were there were SUPER nice and awesome. I was glad to talk to them about their experiences! :)
  15. See you then, Amy! I'll ask everyone I see when I get there: "Are you iheartkeytars? I'm kms111211!" Hehe. ;)
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