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  1. Hey everyone! Congrats on those accepted and good luck for those waiting in limbo! My name is Bryan Danilchuk and I'm the president for the CO 2017 (current first year). I was at most of the interviews and I believe I've met quite a number of you. Hang in there for those waiting, I know the committee is still working. I wanted to ask whomever created a Facebook group for your Class of 2018, do you mind adding me to the group? I want to add myself and a few first years so you guys will have resources for questions for the upcoming year, i.e., housing options, books, immunizations, etc.
  2. PAhereicome, I interviewed on Monday, Jan. 26th and as of that moment Wendy said that they still had about 1/3 of the class to fill, so there were still many slots open!
  3. Yeah I'll be there on the 26th.. anyone else? It would be quite interesting to be there alone or one of a small number... Hmm.
  4. I have over 6000 hours as a medical technologist.
  5. I submitted my application before the early deadline and received an interview invite for Jan 26th yesterday! I plan to go down Saturday afternoon (24th) and take two days to enojy the area (never been to NC). I'm coming from Boston, so anyone else who is interviewing that day and in the area feel free to message me and we can try and get together. Look forward to meeting you guys!
  6. I just declined my interview for Jan 15th. I hope another worthy applicant gets it!! :)
  7. I received an invite to interview Dec. 5th. Anyone else?
  8. Thanks for the insight kdgraham39, that was quite reassuring.
  9. Hey guys I gave up my interview on 11/14 because I was accepted at another program! I hope whomever gets my spot does well! (:
  10. I have not, I'm surprised I would have expected at least one person by now...?
  11. I submitted my CASPA in early June and then Sept. 9th I got an email saying that my application was under review. Then Sept 22nd I received an interview invite. It was a long wait, but I hope this helps!
  12. I'll be there too! You guys staying at the Holiday Inn? And what time are you interviewing at, 8:00 AM? Would be nice to meet some of you guys before hand and we could all shuttle over in the morning. Let me know if that's something you're all interested in!
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