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  1. Hey BobbyHillJr, when did you get your results? You took it Thursday, Aug 20th, right? Thanks!
  2. Wow, Thank you SO much @Winterallsummer!!!!! This is amazing. I really appreciate your help!!!!
  3. I've seen posts about books for specific rotations but thought it might be helpful to add a forum for book suggestions for any of the rotations. This way, we can hopefully have them all in one place. I've heard the Lange Case Files for each rotation can be helpful. I also used Surgery Recall and Abernathy's Surgical Secrets for lecture and found them really helpful. They're filled with Q&As so they keep you entertained and hopefully will be a good prep for rotations. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  4. So in case anyone is interested regarding this year's scholarship recipients. Total applications: 1700 Awards give: 182 Of the 182 recipients: (close to these %'s but not completely accurate) MD = 27% DO = 24% Dentist = 23% PA = 16% Midwife = 1% NP = 7% The essay prompts involve your interest in primary care, working in an under-served population (or HPSA), and your experience working with these populations.
  5. I just received the acceptance email this afternoon!! Hoping for good news for you all too!!!
  6. Thanks jts!!! We're all still anxiously waiting to find out if we're recipients. I received my "Finalist" email on July 23rd but my application still says "Under Final Review". Do you remember by chance about when you found out? I received a voicemail from NHSC asking if I received an email confirming something but I've called back about 3 times now (after not receiving any such email) and still haven't heard anything else regarding what that was about. Where are you working now though and what has your experience been like? Thanks for posting!
  7. Hey yall! I got an email yesterday as well saying that an update has been made on my application so I just checked it and it says I am a finalist! We have to submit a W4 and another verification of enrollment/good academic standing by the 31st. Hopefully we'll find out officially soon after the 31st!
  8. I haven't heard anything about 190 or how many of those are designated for PAs. That is a good question though - anyone else know?
  9. Hello there fellow PA Students. I just wanted to create a thread for the 2013 NHSC (National Health Service Corps) Scholarship applicants so we can keep in touch about hearing back or to answer any questions other students may have. I know the website says we should hear back by September 30th but I spoke with another student in my class who applied as well and she heard somewhere that we COULD hear back as early as July. I know most likely this is not the case but I figured with this thread we could have a better idea of when students start hearing back. Good luck everyone!
  10. The Facebook group is now up! Here's the link for those interested. http://www.facebook.com/groups/342545072508069/?fref=ts
  11. dancinpa - Congrats on Duke! I was actually accepted there as well but went with MUSC instead. Hope you love it, and good luck!!
  12. Thanks! Did you find the group? Nothing comes up on my search :-(
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