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  1. Can anyone from the 8/2 and 8/4 interviews say about how many people were in your group that day?
  2. I submitted my application to CASPA in June and it was verified and sent to my school but then I emailed the school to pull my application because I needed to retake the GRE and get a better score and I wanted to make sure that I have everything on point to get accepted. So I will be ready on April 15, 2015 for CASPA to send my info. to Wingate University.
  3. @WIPANC How was the feel of the interview? Was it tense or laid back during the interview? And how long was it? I had submitted my application but I withdrew it and I am going to submit in April 2015. I needed to retake the GRE and wanted a little more time to get a better score.
  4. @apple687 did you hear anything back from Wingate regarding your application or interview?
  5. Has anyone received an invites to Wingate for interviews?
  6. Torshi, What did you change about your studying and learning info for the GRE? I got a 289 and I want to retake it also but I am so nervous. Please help!
  7. I submitted my application on June 19th and it was verified today. Good Luck to everyone.
  8. Hi Everyone, I am applying to Wingate also. I am submitting my application on Friday. I have been out of undergrad school since 2001 so I had to retake all of my prereqs. I also have a masters in Acupuncture. I currently have more than 7000 HCE and about 100 hours of shadowing a PA. I am unsure of my GPA right now since I am currently taking a couple of classes to finish up prereqs. I chose Wingate because of the location and I would be closer to family. I have two children and I would need plenty of support while in school. I also love that they offer small class sizes and the campus is absolutely beautiful. Everyone is so nice and Marie (admission Coordinator) really wants you to succeed and says that everyone has your best interest at heart.
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