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  1. Hey all, So I have been a Pulm/Sleep PA since I graduated 5 years ago (all outpatient/clinic). I am really wanting to get into critical care (I was a RT prior to PA school) and was thinking about looking at a residency as an option to get me there. My first concern is that I have been out of school too long to get into a residency. Anyone have any experience or knowledge of applicants a few years out of graduation getting a residency spot?
  2. Move to the Upper Peninsula. They are hard up for help and more likely to take new grads compared to urban areas. Plus it is a beautiful area to live.
  3. Wow that sounds brutal! Nothing worse than not really knowing your schedule from week to week. If I am not mistaken it looks like moving forward the APAP students will only be able to do PBL pathway and only be at one campus. I wonder how that will look. I was looking into doing this program (as I would like to be in anesthesia) but having to set up my own clinical sites is just lazy on their part. But the benefit of not having to take the MCAT or any other pre-recs as they have been a few years is still quite appealing.
  4. Hello all, So I am looking into a job with a neurology department in their spine care team. It is all outpatient M-F no call job. No surgery requirements either. I currently work in pulmonary and am looking for a change. Wondering if anyone works in spine and what outpatient spine would all entail?
  5. CBT-I would be my first step. If you don't have any providers in the area who provide this there are some good online programs that studies have shown to be as effective as in person CBT-I. I work in sleep medicine and pulmonary and recommend to my patients: cbtforinsomnia.com, myshuti.com, and sleepio.com but there are other ones out there too.
  6. You would get better benefits working at a fast food restaurant. Run fast away from this offer and company. You should be getting really at least 3 weeks PTO a year and $1500-2000 CME with additional 3-5 days off for CME (so not coming out of PTO).
  7. Definitely going to be harder to find jobs in urban areas without experience (because that is where most people want to live/practice). I took a job in a rural setting right out of school (not in desired location or even state) to get experience and then was able to really chose my next job (got offers in Minneapolis, Bend, Boulder, and Seattle) after 1 year experience. My advice would be to explore more rural opportunities to gain experience or look into a residency.
  8. I was a RT for 4 years before going to PA school. The RT classes should count towards sgpa. I would recommend working a couple years as a RT before going to PA school, this will give you excellent HCE as well as helping you out with your patient assessment skills and medical knowledge base. Also, you will get to make some $$$ which is nice. Plus as mentioned above if you don't get in to PA school you will have a great career still. I would say HCE as a RT would be higher weighted then a tech in a mental health hospital.
  9. Good to hear the update. I have definitely had similar thoughts when I first started and still do some days (have only been doing this 2.5 years).
  10. So I would recommend if you are younger with no prior healthcare experience go the MD/DO route, in the long term have higher earning potential and have actual autonomy. 1. Autonomy can vary greatly from position to position. I for example am in pulmonary and my supervising physician is only in clinic here 1 day a week. I have my own patient panel and can order everything I need on my own. As far as knowledge goes, well that comes with time, effort and experience. There is a steeper learning curve for a newly minted PA vs Residency Trained Doc as they had at least 3 years of hands on expe
  11. Yea definitely wouldn't sign anything that states I would have to pay 40k/year if I left.
  12. CME too low, shoot for at least a couple grand (especially if that included your license, DEA, etc). Also, I would think 20 days (4 weeks) vacation should be the minimum you should take. And try to wrangle some admin time built in the schedule somewhere, I know at my job I get one slot morning and afternoon for admin time to catch up on labs, callbacks, charting, and such.
  13. Don't worry about it if your other grades are fine and you have good patient contact hours. I got a C in physics, they asked me about it during my interview as it was the lowest grade I had. Just be ready to explain that and you will be fine.
  14. One thing to note is that PAs carry a lot of responsibility and stress with the job. Yes less education in terms of years but a higher learning curve when done with school, which is quite stressful. I like being a PA but if I could go back I would have went the MD/DO route to be honest and since you are still in high school, I would recommend that.
  15. Check with NC to see what they offer as far as low to no income. I worked during school making very minimal income (as the state I was in didn't have any options for no income) but enough to qualify for a policy through the marketplace at no cost to me which was nice (plus it was better than any other policy I have ever had, go figure).
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