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  1. To all prePA applicants, I am a recent graduate from this program and just passed my boards! I am writing in here because I remember stalking and refreshing this website everyday/hour. By now, some of you have been accepted and congratulations! Others are still waiting and some may be denied. Whatever the case may be, I encourage you to continue to pursue your dreams no matter how hard it is to get it! Back in 2015, I posted in one of the forum threads about to give up on being a PA but people in here encouraged me to keep going trying. The only reason why I was going to give up was because I applied to PA school 7 times already. Yes. SEVEN times before I got in. I graduated with an undergrad GPA of 2.45. Yes. 2.45! But since then I've worked my butt off to achieve my dreams. So whatever your results may be, please know you are going into a great profession and persistence will pay off!! Also be patient with the school/faculty as interview process is a lot of work for them. I was the last person of my cohort to be accepted. I was accepted off the waitlist as the last person and was not accepted till the FIRST DAY OF ORIENTATION (meaning school technically already started). I walked into that classroom saying "hi everyone! I was just accepted 3 hours ago!". So my message here to you all is to keep trying and that rejections don't mean the end of the world! Good luck and congrats to those that have been accepted!
  2. I already started PA school at another school and just emailed Janet right now to withdraw my confirmation to interview on Oct 28. Hopefully this will open up another interview spot for one of you guys! Good luck!
  3. just got the phone call and looks like IM IN!!!! class starts in 4 days too! HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!
  4. I'm waitlisted #2. According to somewhere on the forums i read in the previous application cycle, they only took in about 13 from the waitlist. i've already applied to the following the next round of application but just hoping the best for this year!
  5. waitlisted 15. hopefully a long wait list means they are predicting more movement than last year.
  6. A little last minute but I got a phone call today to interview on 1/23. I was given option to interview on 1/16 as well but I chose 1/23 to give me more time to prepare. Looking forward to meeting those who are interviewing on 1/23!!
  7. So does this mean we just didn't make it to the top 8/48 people interviewed that day?
  8. Does anyone know how many students are invited to interview on the early decision interview on Dec 5?
  9. just got an email for rejection. 4th time applicant. 3 interviews with Touro. I'm just about to give up.
  10. 3rd time applying to stanford. interviewed first 2 years. didnt even get an interview this year. sigh...
  11. Ugh, the person who wrote my letter of rec forgot to include the reference request form in with the letter of rec. Does anyone know if my application will get turned down or can I submit it after the deadline?
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