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  1. Hey everyone, just looking for what the best student loan to take out would be. Right now I'm between Wells Fargo Medcap and Sallie Mae Smart Option (5.7% fixed interest rate). Just curious what some of you are choosing, thanks!
  2. Has anyone received an interview date for the Bay Shore campus yet?
  3. Hey everyone, was just wondering on which campus you'd prefer to go to, and why? Thanks.
  4. hey guys just wondering what types of questions/area to focus on for the interview and any advice?
  5. thank you, great job! Good luck in your interview!
  6. hey guys i received an email from the program coordinator stating "Dear Mr. Pacifico, We have received your CASPA Application for the 2013 entering class and are now in the process of review. Your application shows that you are missing Biochemistry and advanced biology which can be neuroscience, genetics, immunology – any upper 300 level human biology course. It also shows that too many courses were taken in a community college. As per information posted on our mercy college website - “ At least two of the following courses (human physiology, microbiology, biochemistry) MUST be completed at a four-year institution. The advanced human biologic science course (300 level or higher) MUST be completed at a four-year institution”. These requirements are part of the prerequisites and must be completed before entering the program. Please let us know how you plan to complete these requirements so that we can continue processing your application." therefore id pretty much have to take biochem, and retake micro/ap at a 4 year university which i have absolutely no problem doing (boost gpa in the process) .... but I was wondering if you think that they would offer me an interview if i complete these courses, or that this is just standard protocol to send out an email like this?
  7. Congrats to all of you that have received an interview , if you don't mind would you share your stats with us? Thank you and good luck !
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time and really reading my PS. I appreciate all the corrections and love the advice you gave me about mentioning the committment required from the sport...yes, we had practice Tuesday night, Wed afternoon, Thurs night and games two night out of Fri-sat-sun. Most games were away where I attempted but struggled to study all my work on 5-9 hour bus rides and in hotels. And thats not to mention all the team meetings and off ice training, it was a lot for sure.
  9. good catch...Im thankful I posted this I missed that after reading it a bunch of times
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