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  1. How can i do more than a minumum of 4000 hours in 2 years? cause i know i can b e practical nurse after i graduate from community college with AA degree. So should i then just countinue and get my bachelors in UW? so i can get paid more? I dont want to get my bachelors then wait a couple years to gain more experience because i might forget some of the stuff i learned and would have to start studying what i previously knew. How likely is it for me to get in with 2 years/4000 hours of experience?
  2. I am a washington resident and am going to attend a 2 year community college (green river). Im going to take the required pre-requisites courses for the MEDEX program, so here is my plan. After my 2 years of community college i will have an Associates degree. Then transfer to UW to get my Bachelor's but after my 2 years i will also be working as a Nurse to get my 4000 hours of experience completed. Hopefully i will have at least a 3.7 gpa throughout my college courses. Also currently i took some UW in the highschool classes which i paid 300 and something dollars for. The classes i took were EN
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