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  1. Hello! I'm set to start PA school this fall. I've been thinking a lot about the idea of specializing in a surgical field. Surgery has been something that has fascinated me ever since I shadowed a CT surgeon during my sophomore year of college and was able to observe an open heart surgery. My original intentions were to attend medical school and pursue the idea of becoming a surgeon, but I started a family my senior year of college. So, that delayed my entry into medical school and, eventually, became the deciding factor for me not to go to medical school to become an actual surgeon. I like the idea of still working in the medical field, being in the OR, but want to still have time for my family. I know that PA school is going to demand a lot from me, but it is a much easier sacrifice than the med-school/residency/fellowship option of an actual MD. I was wondering what the working conditions were for surgical PAs, mainly CT and Neurosurgical PAs, as those are my main interests. Are the working hours just as demanding as the attending surgeon's (50-60+ hrs/week, on-call)? My main concern is my family and the time I will have for them- they are important to me. Becoming a PA is the right choice for me, but is it wise for me to specialize in a surgical setting? Any advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
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