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  1. Heads up: I think HAPA Hawaii is not currently running. I have contacted 3 people within the organization, without reply, and I just received an email that the email address for their general questions account isn't functional. I'll keep looking around for opportunities and update this if I find any!
  2. Aloha! The path to becoming a PA is a little more challenging on such a small island :) If anyone can point me in the right direction of finding PA shadowing opportunities, volunteering opportunities, or ways to gain more HCE, I would so appreciate it!
  3. Hi all, So I have the typical story of a person who didn't do well in college (2.56 cum. GPA, BS-Microbiology) and am not mature enough and prepared for what it takes to become a PA. I had a few catastrophic things happen in college, but mostly I just wasn't ready to balance work, school, and partying. So, here's what I do have going for me: between research in college and working the past 2 years as a lab tech, I will have numerous authorships in 2 difference fields of medicine. Also, I've been volunteering as a Spanish interpreter and in triage at a free clinic, and have been repeating or taking any pre-req's I need at a very reputable university (all A's). Now, I think I need to tackle accumulating more HCE and proving to an admissions committee that I can handle the coursework and am a risk worth taking. I am thinking the best way to do this is to become an RN. My ideal path would be through an ABSN program. But, what are the thoughts on associates? (Cheaper, maybe easier to get into, more options?) I'm also more comforted by the fact that, if I don't get into PA school in my first year of applying, I'll have a quality career to fall back on. (AND, I hope I don't get any negative comments for saying this, but I'll probably also be applying to some Nurse Practioner programs - better not to limit my options as a future clinician with my odds.) Any thoughts, suggestions, encouragements?? Thanks!
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