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  1. Hey everyone! I'm excited to meet all of you in just a couple short weeks! I was wondering where everyone is getting their medical equipment from? The bookstore seemed a little overpriced, so I'm just looking around at other options :)
  2. As others have said, getting more experience hours will definitely help you. Shadowing hours are great, but they don't count as "hands on experience," which is what most of these schools look for. If you can, obtain some type of certification, EMT, MA, phlebotomy, ect..,anything where you can get hands on patient care experience :)
  3. I got an 86 on the exam. But you have to remember, that's not the only thing they look at. In the end, they look at everything: GPA, healthcare experience and shadowing, letters of recommendation, test score, and interview. I definitely agree with you OL-PA, don't let a rejection discourage you. This was my third year applying! If this is your dream, then just come back each time with more to offer..show them you're determined you WILL be a PA one day! ;)
  4. Hello! I figured I'd start a new thread now that most of us have received out acceptance calls :) I will be on campus one day this week to take care of financial aid, deposits, ect...was just seeing if anyone would be in the area and wanted to meet for lunch. Would love to start to get to know our fellow classmates!
  5. I just got the phone call from Jackie!! Sooo excited! :)
  6. Yeah, I tested on the 7th at 2pm...praying to hear something today!
  7. Congratulations guys! For those of you who have received calls, when did you interview? I interviewed on the first day, so I'm really hoping they're calling people according to last name!
  8. Well as others have mentioned, it's unfair to give exact details of the interview...but I will say that I didn't have anything out of the ordinary. Your typical PA school interview questions, and just trying to get to know you. I didn't have anything that really caught me off guard, and they were all very nice. Just try to relax and you'll do fine :)
  9. I feel like it went well..everyone seemed very nice :) all this anticipation is killing me now!! Does anyone know when the last interview day is?
  10. How's everyone's interviews going!? Seems like forever since I interviewed just a couple weeks ago...this waiting is killing me!
  11. I just got my interview invite for this Monday as well! My test score was an 83
  12. I've been doing pretty much the same thing, studying all my old A&P notes and exams from my undergrad classes...just trying to review everything! Does anyone know a good source to review the medical math portion at?
  13. I also received my invitation email a couple of days ago....only a few more weeks of studying!
  14. Congrats! Would you mind sharing what number on the waitlist you had? Trying to get an idea of where they're at :)
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