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  1. Recently graduated from post-graduate ER training program. Will have 6 months full-time ER experience prior to starting. Offer as follows... $43/hr base. 36 hr/week. With differential and productivity should be about 105k. Able to pick up OT after 6 months of employment at a rate of $70/hr. CME $1500/yr. 5% 401K match. Medical/dental. 3 weeks PTO. Will be reimbursed for state licensing. Will be working in fast-track and main ED.
  2. what happens when your patient smells it on you and calls you out on it?
  3. To the OP: I am in the ARMC program right now. Feel free to email me at seanmcg12@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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    Any good EM specific CME websites out there? Thanks
  5. It's Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine..not school...just remember that for the interview ;) -Recent grad
  6. Some of the programs I applied to requested my undergrad transcripts, but they were not brought up during the interviews.
  7. why didn't you take the boards again? why haven't you practiced medicine since graduating? why do you want to work as a PA now as opposed to 12 years ago? be prepared to answer those questions at an interview...
  8. Pocket Medicine was a GREAT resource and I highly recommend it. Mine had a gray cover. The green cover is internal med based, which was great for that rotation also.
  9. I just completed my elective in emergency medicine out in Colorado Springs. There is a group of docs/pas that staff Penrose Main Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center. The group is called Front Range Emergency Specialists. I had a very good experience with them. Every one I worked with was very welcoming of me and liked to teach. Hope this helps.
  10. I am doing the UMDNJ one now. A few of my classmates recommended it to me. It follows the blueprint. There are 5 modules each with about 5 hours of lecture. There are post-tests after each module. I take the PANCE in 17 days so hopefully it helps me! If you decide to get it type "student" in the promotional code area and it will save you $68, for a cost of $279 for the course.
  11. I applied to a few EM residency/fellowship programs. It all depends on the number of applicants they accept. This ranges anywhere from 1-8. I went to two interviews. One of the places said they were interviewing 20 or so people for 2 spots. I didnt ask how many applied. The other program I applied to interviewed about 30 and chose 8. They said about 36 people applied. Hope this helps.
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