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  1. I just answered a PM about the course and figured I'd share it: Hi XXXXXX, yes, I took the Hippo course (called Hippo PA at www.hippopa.com) and I found it to be outstanding. It was way better than the misery of going to a live course and pretending that you're going to absorb that material at their pace with a 100 other people. I took a CME resources course and it was a joke to me. Several people here say the liked it so maybe it's for them but for me... nope. I need something more new-school then a dude giving me 8 hours of powerpoint for 5 days. And nothing online even comes close. Check them all out (the UMNDJ, Kaplan) and you'll see that Hippo's site is so far beyond what everyone else is doing it's laughable. Honestly, it's way to cheap right now. I asked them why and they said they wanted to price it BELOW everything else legitimately competing with them so they'd grow a market base. I don't think it's going to stay that cheap forever. Rumor has it that they had initially priced it at $600 and were doing fine, then cut the price in half as an experiment (They refunded every single $600 user for the difference too! Who does that?). The Hippo course is WAY better in terms of being web-based, outstanding quality, entertaining, and seemed to keep getting better as I was studying (adding new bonus content etc.). Plus I have access for a year and that's been awesome even post test (passed very well!). Supposedly their passrate so far is at or near 100%. They said they built in from the ground up from the NCCPA Blueprint that the PANCE and PANRE are based on. It's totally organized like the blueprint. Let's see, you can ask private questions to the instructors and get private answers, you can bookmark videos, it's self-paced, there are written PDF summaries of everything, there's 40 hours of CME if you need it included in the price, there's a game you play that takes you from like a one-celled organism up to Einstein level as you master the material... I mean, it's seriously good. So, I'd say you can't go wrong. Right now they only have a limited number of questions available on the site but they say they're building a totally awesome practice test feature. In the mean time I'd by a question book and do those. They're cheap and effective. I liked Davis's book. My friend just signed up and had asked them for a "trial" and they emailed him a one hour subscription Full-featured trial. They should make this more public I think as I can't find it on the home page. And, after all that they have a no-pass no-pay policy. I'm going to post this for the group too. If anyone has questions let me know I'd be happy to contribute. TOTALLY MY OPINION, check it out and buy if you like (try that trial subscription thingee) Sam
  2. Just an update on this... I've been on the Hippo site for a while now. Diagnosis: Awesome. Crazy thing is they just lowered the price. At first I was kinda p.o.'d because I paid nearly $600 bucks for it. And I was cool with that because of the quality and the website but I wasn't cool that they lowered the price after I paid that. But then I got this email (at the bottom you'll see the actually REFUNDED all the current subscribers to get them in line with the new price.) At this point, there is no comparison. I would recommend these guys, at this price it's a no-brainer. Anyone else try it? Here's the newsletter I got from them. Their website is www.hippoeducation.com [TABLE=class: content, width: 0, align: center] [TR] [TD=class: subject]Hippo PA, Big Price Reduction! [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: body] Hi! Here at Hippo we're the kind of company that wants to be valuable as much as we want to be successful. After looking at the data we've decided that in order to allow as many people to benefit from Hippo as possible we're going to lower the price. We've had many people tell us that they want to be on board but can't afford it. We think everyone deserves a little Hippo in their diet... Hippo PA now costs an incredible $299. Hippo PA is now far less expensive than any other major review course and leaps and bounds better. We're excited about making it more accessible and proud to be successful enough to be able to lower the price. Here's some of what you get: A whole year of access to our incredible PANCE & PANRE review and all the rest we have to offer Video/audio/written/question formats streamable and downloadable anywhere following the NCCPA "blueprint" World-class and world-famous educators and content Near 40 hours of Cat I CME credit instantly available and much more coming for no extra charge A highly rated bonus ECG course Earn game-like achievements and motivations to keep you moving forward Incredible features like bookmarking, progress tracking, the ability to ask your own questions, feedback, and collaboration Extreme personalization And, of course, much more... CME is approved and live, new content is going up every day, and new features are in the works... If you haven't come to visit for a while please drop by, take a look around, and say hi! HippoEducation.com Current Customers: If you're already a customer you should have received an email yesterday. You, our most valuable players, will be getting a refund for anything you paid above our new price of $299. Thanks for making our launch successful! You've been a joy to hang out with... [h=3]-Team Hippo[/h][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  3. I just signed up for one which is looks so much better than the old choices... by some USC guys I think... www.hippoeducation.com... I'll let you know how it goes but as of now it's impressive.
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