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  1. Thanks for your input. I'll get some more information on the details of that clause.
  2. Hi all, I'm a current student, and was just offered a position at a teaching institution in the midwest as a hospitalist PA. I hope to get some feedback from those of you who are more experienced than I. I think most of these offers I read about on the forum are great because they are all more money than I could have ever dreamed someone would pay me. I've outlined the major details of the position below. What am I forgetting to think about? Seems like a great package to me, but wanted to run it by some more eyes first. Schedule 7 days on/7 days off. No extra CME or personal PTO as I'd have 26 weeks off in the year. PA group creates own schedules and everyone can claim 3 weeks to have off each 6 months. Take admissions until 4:00 on 6 days/week, until 7:00 on the other day. Rotate through an evening shift taking calls on all pts + any new admissions from 4:00pm until midnight. Money $90k salary $10k signing bonus to cover PANCE, DEA, licensure, etc. $15k relocation (not sure if this is up front lump sum or reimbursed based on services needed) $2250 CME each year, can rollover one year. Unsure if DEA, licenses, recertification, etc are covered on ongoing basis. Will follow up on this. 401K - 1:1 matching for first 4%. 50% matching for next 1%. 100% vested immediately Retirement fund - they contribute 5-10% of my salary based on hospital financials annually. Health insurance would cost me $65/month for single coverage. $1000 deductible. 20% copay. Dental - $10-$20/month - covers all standard/preventative exams Environment Had a chance to spend several weeks with them on rotation and I left with the impression it would be a very good learning environment. Theres a few teams, each with a doc and a PA, who are there at the same time. They're not looking to plug a hole in their staff and it seems like a very supportive environment. Docs are happy to provide mentoring and guidance when you need it and let you manage patients when you are comfortable doing so. Other annual review for salary increase asked me to sign a non-compete - don't know details of it yet I am very excited about the offer and as of now intend to work for this hospital, but like I said earlier, wanted to get an idea of things to look further into. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Hello, I have searched the forum quite a bit and haven't come across any international rotation threads since 2011, and none that were particularly helpful. Have any of you done an international rotation in a Spanish speaking country? I am hoping to organize one for next year (May 2014 - May 2015). Our program allows us to do international rotations, but we are required to submit information for review. I am looking for something 4 weeks in length, located in a Spanish speaking country. I am hoping that someone can provide a name, organization, or website that they are confident recommending to a fellow PA student so I can get started researching and getting all the details together. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!
  4. Hi paadmissions, Thanks for answering all of these questions. I did my best to check that this wasn't answered already. I was recently accepted into one of my top choice PA schools and have until early next week to respond with a verbal yes/no. Within the next two weeks a deposit of several hundred dollars is due to financially secure my spot in the class. I am very excited about this program and feel it would be a great fit. That being said, it was my first and only official tour and interview so far. Additionally, I have an interview this Friday with my other top choice school. Ideally, I would like to be able to hear back (either way) from the second school, and if I was lucky enough to get in to the second, to consider my options based on my experience and visits at both schools. However, with the deadline(s) for the first school coming up quick, I'm afraid I won't be able to do that. Are these type of deposit deadlines flexible at all, or would I really be grinding some people's gears if I asked for more time in order to be able to hear back from the second school? I do want to be considerate to other students being considered for admission at both schools and not be the cause of a "log-jam" in the overall process. Am I borrowing trouble here or is this a reasonable thought/request? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, With the two rounds of interviews coming up in the next few weeks, I am wondering if anyone who has gone through it can comment on the style and feel of the LaCrosse/Mayo/Gunderson interviews. So far, I've gathered that there are two panels, one representing UW-Lax, and the other Mayo/Gunderson. I also understand that a group of three candidates will interview together with each of these panels. Can anyone comment on the nature of the interaction (conversational, rigid, etc) with the panel? Are the questions experience based, behavioral based ("tell me about a time when..."), etc? Does the panel ask follow up questions about what candidates say, or do they just ask one, note responses and move on? Thanks for looking, and I appreciate your insight and tips. SharkTank
  6. Hi paadmissions, Thanks for fielding some questions. I am curious if members of PA admission committees ever think anything along the lines of "this person belongs in medical school". If yes, at what point in the process does this usually surface (I would guess the interview)? What is it that produces this thought? Thanks!
  7. This has been one of the top reasons for me choosing PA over MD as well. In addition, I have been told by two family practice MDs that "it all comes down to lifestyle". While I am a hard worker and dedicated, I don't want my life to be consumed by my profession. I would like to get a sense of the actual difference in lifestyle, work/life balance, whatever you want to call it, between PAs and MDs. I realize that both are demanding, challenging careers. I am in no sense looking to hear that being a PA is "easier", so please don't reply with that idea in mind. Thanks for your ideas!
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