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  1. Check back in a few months, the Class of 2014 will start rotations in Novemeber
  2. You can get everything you need for $25 at http://bit.ly/Zhn8gd, it may not be professional quality, but it should get you through school
  3. Michael Wilson is the PA program admissions counselor
  4. That sounds right, but you can call Michael Wilson and find out.
  5. Yeah FASFA all done, had to wait for the IRS to tell me how much money they wanted..turns out all of it.
  6. Just yesterday I got the email to complete the TUN financial aid paperwork. I think that is going to be the start of the paperwork train leading up to class start date.
  7. AS Allied Health Science AA Gen Ed BS Healthcare Management (Summa Cum Laude) Overall GPA 3.51 Science GPA 3.38 21 years direct patient care experience ( I think I estimated about 43,000 hours, but that is probably a little low), zero PA shadowing but extensive experience working with PA's, lots of misc volunteer, and numerous training certs like ACLS instructor, PHTLS instructor ect. Hope that helps
  8. Pablon, I will be in the 2015 class and am in my 40's. My personal opinion is age is not that big a deal.
  9. During my interview session, there were two people coming from that program, they had a lot of positive things to say about it.
  10. Haha, thanks evil monkey!
  11. That sounds like a good idea.
  12. I am finding it a little difficult to sort through all the posts looking for who has been accepted to the class of 2015. That said, I thought why not start a post. I noticed a Facebook link for a 2015 class group, but not sure if anyone of the 2015 accepted are there, looks like the 2014 class. I will try to be better about checking the site. Send me a message if you need anything, I already live in Henderson. And see you in July at orientation. Bob Nydam
  13. No, I interviewed 17 Oct. Just had not looked at this site in awhile. Trying to find the right Facebook group. Never had a Facebook account before so still learning how to navigate it.
  14. For all those thinking about applying, I have a small piece of advice. I hired a coach and was accepted this year for a class graduating 2015. Although it is not cheap, it was worth it. I applied to only one school and was accepted. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional coach.
  15. Also accepted. I already live in Henderson, and joined the FB page. If you have questions or need anything from the area, look me up.
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