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  1. I know this is a bayshore thread but do you know anything about the manhattan campus? I interviewed with both, got an acceptance from manhattan and probably going there because the commute from Brooklyn to the city is way easier. Thanks
  2. Paone did you hear anything about bayshore on comparison to the one in manhattan?
  3. I was wondering which campus is better as well. Manhattan recently changed their administration a bit and I heard it has gotten more organized.
  4. how are you getting through PA school without taking out loans? thank god i got through undergrad without any but i'm definitely going to have to take out student loans for grad school
  5. anyone want to start a facebook group for those of us who are going?
  6. there was no tour, just an interview. It didn't take too long
  7. My interview was actually pretty chilled. There were two interviewers and they were really nice. They each asked me a few a questions, like why do you want to be a PA, do you have support... Also, some hypothetical situation questions. Good luck!
  8. Hey, I was just accepted to Touro Manhattan and I have an interview for Hofstra University both in NY. Question for all you out there, anyone know which one is cheaper? Difference in education? Or anyone have any preference? I know about Touro though haven't really found out much about Hofstra. Thank you all in advance
  9. Ha, I was just about to write that this wait is killing me and i literally just got an email that I am accepted!! :) Good luck to everyone else!
  10. Hey how long did the interview take? I'm trying to see if I should ask them for a different date
  11. Thank you, great information! Though as far as I know Touro doesn't require GREs. Also, I see that you Touro Manhattan's tuition is higher than Touro Bayshore is that because it is a longer program? I was trying to find out if because it is 8 months longer if it's more tuition.
  12. Does anybody know the question they ask for the writing sample?
  13. thank you! I'm assuming they didn't get back to you yet to tell you your accepted. Did they say when they would contact you? I'm nervous for mine, I'm going to have my friend mock interview me. My interview is at 3:30 so maybe i'll get to meet some students. Did you appply to Bayshore as well? I'm wondering if Manhattan program is more expensive since it is 8 months longer.
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