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  1. Hi- unfortunately, I have not yet relocated to VA. But the job market for PAs seems to be geared towards ED and UC. So you should have no issues finding a position I am not so lucky as they don’t seem to utilize PAs as much, or at all, in my area of expertise Good luck to you and your girlfriend.
  2. I’m Hi Luna- It depends in what which State you are living. Some places are more PA-friendly, such as New York and California. I find that most other places are geared towards midwives and NPs Also, as the positions, even in those places, are far and few in between it is hard for a new grad to get a job in this specialty As a new grad, if you are pretty sure this is the field you want to practice, to make yourself more competitive and to have specialized learning, it’s not a bad a idea to attend an OB/GYN PA residency- there are 2 that I know of- one in NYC and the othe
  3. I posed this question in the State and Specialty specific boards, but I feel like this gets more traffic I have been an OB/GYN PA for over 5 years and am looking to relocate to NC or Virginia. I have worked mainly in an inpatient setting but have done some outpt clinic in OB, GYN, and family planning. When I do a basic job search- nothing comes up for PAs in my field. Do you find that PA's aren't used as much as NPs or midwives in the South? Do I have to do some cold calling? Or would I have to consider another specialty if I choose to move?
  4. I took out student loans while my wife worked and took care of our monthly bills. Once I graduated, I got a job that was eligible for NHSC loan repayment and got them paid off in 2 years. Didn't have to pay a dime out of my own pocket.
  5. Hey Guys: I am looking to relocate to either NC or VA- when I do a job search I find NOTHING for an OB/GYN PA. Do they not utilize us so much in this specialty?
  6. I currently work as an OB/GYN PA in NYC- I find we are a staple in most inpatient OB/GYN departments here. I am considering moving to NC, and when I do a job search absolutely nothing pops up in the field. Do you guys feel like PAs are not generalized utilized in OB/GYN in NC, or the South for that matter? I would hate to have to consider changing my specialty... I can't even imagine what I would do instead. Thanks
  7. I got my results at 9am today- I passed with a 606! I'm glad that's over with. Now on to other certifications *sighs*
  8. I took mine on 8/23 and am anxiously awaiting my results. Now I'm more upset that I took it before Labor Day... It's going to take forever!
  9. Did you already sign the contract and give in your banking info?
  10. Yes… I applied December 2011and was notified of my award in June 2012, but my contract start date is in May 2012. They took a whole month to notify me about my award after they approved me.
  11. My site has a score of 16 and I completed my application on the second day that the site was accepting them…I was notified of my award in the first week of June, but my contract start date was the first week of May. So if your getting responses like " you should keep checking your email" or "you should hear something in the next few weeks" like I was, then I would take it as a good sign that you likely are getting an award. Good luck guys
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