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  1. I was accepted a few days ago after interviewing on 1/10! I was also very impressed with Rosalind Franklin's program. I am still deciding between RFUMS and another program and needless to say I have a tough decision to make! Does any one know if RFUMS offer any international rotations? I hope I get to meet you all in May! Carly
  2. If you get easily stressed out there is no PA school that is a good fit for you. PA school is extremely difficult, fast paced, and overwhelming. The medical field can be this way too. If you become a PA your patients will need you to stay calm and be very knowledgeable and you cannot become knowledgeable with a slow paced "easy" curriculum. I am not trying to be rude I am just trying to help you figure out what it is you should do. Going to a PA school that does not have a challenging curriculum would be a disservice to you and would make it VERY difficult for you to pass the PANCE, get l
  3. Hi Laura and Anna, When I talked to the current students at the interview it sounded like people live all over the map- including in Gresham which is on the other side of Portland. I think if you want to live in Portland it can be done! I am looking in Hillsboro/Beaverton on the tri-met line. I am hoping to find a nice place that allows dogs and is close to the train. It's hard looking for a place when you are half way across the country. Let me know if you guys have any luck! Carly
  4. Hey Aivi, They are great at turning plans upside down! I specifically love the modular based curriculum and the international opprotunities. These next interviews have big shoes to fill. I have had 5 interviews so far and the other 4 did not measure up to Pacific. Anyway, congratulations and hopefully I will meet you in May! Carly
  5. Hey Everyone! Happy new year! I just want to see who is accepted for the class of 2016 and will be starting in May! I am so excited to become a Pacific Univeristy PA student and will most likely be moving from Wisconsin sometime in April. I still have a few interviews coming up which are closer to home but so far I have my heart (and deposit!) set on Pacific. I was at the November 16th interview and loved the school and faculty. Where all you all from and what is your background? Should we start a facebook page? I can't wait to meet you guys. We will be spending A LOT of time together.
  6. I am also interviewing on November 16th and couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to meet those of you who will be there! If anyone wants to meet up the night before let me know. Carly
  7. Hey Everyone, So MEDEX does 3-4 rounds of interviews. The first was 9/24, as we know. The second is 10/25 and the third is 11/25. I am applying for the Masters in Seattle and I was offered an interview for 10/25 but I asked to be delayed to 11/25 because of other interviews scheduled in October. There is a fourth interview in January that may be offered but depending on how many applicants are already accepted this interview is not guaranteed. I hope this helps some of you who are anxiously waiting. I am so excited to meet those of you at the November interview conference! Most likely
  8. Cara- I am interviewing on the following Monday and flying in Saturday morning. I would love to meet up with you for coffee and chat about how your interview went. Let me know if you find the time. Good luck!
  9. I was invited for an interview on November 4th! So excited! I hope I can meet some of you there. Good luck everyone!
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