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  1. Thank you Nebero for you quick reply.
  2. Is there any PAs in Nevada ? I am thinking to move to Las Vegas. Any advice ? Thank you!
  3. You can go onto craigslist.org and check out the job market. Also, Indeed.com has some good postings. There are a few jobs out there but I don't know what specialty. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for your imput. I am thinking to move to Fresno, Modesto or Stockton. I did some research online regarding the housing, and it seems reasonable. However, I do not know about the job market in these areas. Do you have any ideas ?

  5. I am PA student in Ohio. I am about to be graduated and I am planning to move to California. However; I am worry about the job market and the cost of living in California. I will be appreciative if any PA in California can provide me with some advises before I make I make my final decision. Thank you! MH, Ohio
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