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  1. I'm a new grad working in EM and something they didn't spend much time on in school was charting/creating MDM's. What are some things you make sure to document to protect yourself against future litigation? I.e. documenting no s/sx of cauda equina in acute back pain, TIMI/HEART score to support your decision to discharge a patient to home, etc.
  2. Here's an antibiotic chart I made in PA school. Definitely not comprehensive, but might be helpful. For what it's worth, I've been working in ER for a month and if you ask 3 different people their antibiotic preferences for the same condition, you'll often get 3 different answers. PA school is a lot of rote memorization and 1st lines, 2nd lines...but in real life everyone practices so differently from one another Antibiotic Drugs.docx
  3. Wikiem.org ! One of the residents showed me it the other day. Super brief, but lots of high yield info Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm a new grad about to start in EM. Does anyone have any recommendations for an imaging interpretation "boot camp" (preferably online) type of course? I found this online: https://courses.ccme.org/course/advancedbootcamp/self-study Edit: Purchased the course from CCME. Not worth the cost IMHO. You can find the same depth and quality of instruction on YouTube
  5. Just curious how long it took others to get their CA state license approved after receiving their PANCE results? Thanks! Edit: Just FYI. You can submit your PANCE score directly to the PA board electronically. This is NOT done automatically, however; you have to go to your NCCPA dashboard and choose to send your score. Once the board has your PANCE score they'll release state licenses electronically on Fridays
  6. For Kaplan's PANCE Qbank practice tests, is there not a way to view the correct answer and explanation after each question? The only mode I see is the ability to view the answer/explanation after submitting the entire test
  7. I'm 2 weeks away from graduating PA school and I still haven't really mastered the technique of asking other providers quality, high-yield types of questions. How do you focus/shape your questions to other providers so you can get high-yield information to advance your knowledge and clinical skills without a) annoying them or b) seeming like a dunce?
  8. For anyone who has taken the PANCE, which qbank do you feel is the best representation of the actual test questions in terms of difficulty and how the questions are set up? I'm trying to decide which qbank to study from. Kaplan and PACKRATs seem very straight forward and ask a lot of most common questions; Exammaster generally has good questions but it also has a lot of bizarre questions; Roshe Review questions seem a little tricky and asks more obscure details about diseases/disorders. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the reply! It's in the Sacramento area. I know friends around here in EM who are making $70-80/hr but they have significantly more experience. I'd say the average price for a decent home is high $400k. $55 seems a little low to me too but the experience will be good and there is close supervision. This is a naive question coming from a naive grad but what would you consider "good benefits?" Thanks again!
  10. Timon, do you mind me asking how long you've been practicing? I am a new grad and I've been offered a couple Northern California EM positions ~$55/hr. Would you say that's fair for a new grad?
  11. For your resumes are you including descriptions of your clinical rotations and detailing roles and responsibilities? Or are you just listing the dates and locations?
  12. I'm a second-year starting to think about where I'm going to apply after graduation. Are there any questions you wish you had asked but didn't before you signed on to a job?
  13. I have an ICU rotation next month and I'm a little nervous. I feel like the things I was worst at during didactic year--acid/base disorders, infectious diseases, vents, lines, pressors, shock, etc--are the bread and butter of critical care. Does anyone have any tips or books/pocket guides/app recommendations? Thanks!
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