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  1. Seems to me like you wanted to be helpful and then realized too late that you had assumed too much risk in making yourself available. Maybe it's a geographic or institutional difference, but man, I can't think of any ED provider at my employing hospital that wouldn't run away screaming from this situation. It seems to me that since you offered contact information in the setting of being a medical provider (whether that contact info was personal or not), that that pretty much establishes that line of communication as being for that purpose. I think trying to switch gears within that line
  2. Hey guys, Just happened by this thread thought I'd help out if I could :). Was in the class of 2015. Make sure you're calling the PA program office to find out info, not the general admissions office. I believe Kim Williams is still the main contact there. Don't worry about the short article too much. I think there was a short quiz on it during interview day, but I never saw or heard of it again after that. I'm pretty sure no one ever looked at it. The Medical Terminology course requirement is.... a little bit of a joke. If you haven't completed it yet, please don't go si
  3. Hey all, Just preparing to finish up my residency in a few months, and due to my level of freedom in this stage of life I feel really drawn toward locums work. I've put my name out to a few agencies and have done my own searching, but I just wanted to know if there were any agencies in particular you guys would recommend. Also any general advice concerning 1099 vs W-2, common pitfalls, etc would be awesome. For background, prefer EM or rural medicine, 4-8 month stints. I'm not too particular where I go in the country, although Florida would be ideal. (I did do a quick search of
  4. As has been said, perfectly normal, carry on :). Curious though... with the name TPA16, are you by chance at South University - Tampa? ....that would explain some of it.
  5. @sas5814 Sorry the quote function isn't working for me, but your last paragraph describes a "Hammer Clause" in a malpractice policy. They're becoming very common.
  6. I'm not completely sure, but I think 2000 hours of tox experience (in this case, remote consulting), and passing the C-SPI exam. Don't quote me, there's probably more to it. Keep in mind that (at least at this PCC) they employ people first with the background degree, then train for 2+ years before pushing you towards certification.
  7. Hey all, Currently a EM-PA resident at U of Iowa (click here for my ongoing thread on that) and doing a rotation at the state poison control center in Sioux City. Besides having a blast learning from the experts in the wild world of tox, the director and I have been talking about then possibly employing PAs in the poison control center as Specialists in Poison Information (SPIs). I just wanted to get a quick gauge of interest in this type of job. Basically, you function as a remote consultant to hospitals and the public that call in needing help with tox/overdose/envenomation cases,
  8. Looks like its time for the quarterly update! Thanks for the questions guys. Post got too big so now it's split up.
  9. Not that I pretend to be an expert, but as someone who's in a PA fellowship/residency, let me say this is NOT a fellowship. Fellowships are structured, have didactics, are *designed* around teaching. They are not OTJ training, they are not contractual beyond their stated length, and they certainly do not change from 12 months to 9 months on a whim. I would be extremely hesitant to make the gamble that what you're missing in salary you'll make up for in education (which is the basic trade-off of fellowships/residencies). If you are desperate to get your foot in the door in derm, and are
  10. Updated, thanks! Sorry it's been so long between updates, sometimes residency kicks your butt ;).
  11. (Continued from above...) Did faculty or previous residents share how much of a pay bump completing the residency will provide as compared to a new grad starting salary? I have not done any official research into this area, although I'm considering doing a formal survey of grads from different programs at some point. The general feeling I've gained through talking with grads is that the residency is worth significant negotiating leverage. Meaning, depending on your preference, it could could translate as opportunities opening into competitive areas (e.g., Colorado), more pay, or oth
  12. Hey all, As there seems to be a lot of growing interest in EM PA residencies across the country, I just thought I'd start this to (hopefully) offer answers to any burning questions you guys have about EM residency in general or at Iowa in particular. Ask away! I'll edit this initial post to include all Q&A to make it easier on the reader. Who I am: Year-1 EM PA resident at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC); Graduated from South University - Tampa C/O 2015; formerly trained as EMT, paramedic. ***Obligatory disclaimer: I do not represent UIHC, nor the EM P
  13. The medical residents I work with pay taxes. I paid taxes on a stipend when i was in a doctorate program. I pay taxes now that I'm in a PA residency program. My point is, you'll pay taxes. "Stipend" may sound like "non-taxable payment for living expenses while you learn" but it really means "cheap salary." Not complaining, I love my position as a resident, just letting ya know because I had that same idea about stipends years ago.
  14. I like your half-full glass there. Yes, any payment during residency is taxable.
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