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  1. This is yet another reason why I am a PROUD Sophie Davis Harlem PA Program graduate!!! I paid that other person no mind. I know what I accomplished. I got into PA school of my dreams, I passed my boards on the first attempt & I got a job that I love within 2 weeks of looking for a job. His/her opinion meant less to me that the crap you scrap off of the bottom of your shoe. Thank you for having my back. :-)
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. Did you call & speak to someone or did you go in for a discussion about why you were rejected? The new program director (I've mentioned before, I am NOT a fan of hers at all & neither was any of my classmates), has changed so many things. This was the first year that alumni were not invited to the orientation program for new students. Alumni have always been invited in the past. The program director is Mrs Horvath & she is a PA. The program also added a new didactic coordinator (which is the person that is in charge of your classroom portion of PA school). His name is Dr Joseph. He started once I was already in my clinical year so I didn't have much interaction with him, but he did seem nice. I know that he has been sitting in on a lot of the interviews, but like I said, I don't know him enough to know what he's looking for. I'm not sure if they were the ones that interviewed you or if it was other staff members. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the assessment of the interview to tell you what went wrong. If you haven't gone in to the program in person, I recommend doing so. Try sitting down with someone (try Ms Brown) to see if you can get more info as to what sunk your interview. Other than that, I recommend lots & lots of practice interviewing. Interview yourself. Have friends, family & co-workers interview you. If you are shadowing, have your mentor interview you. Search online to find other questions that have been asked at interviews. I was asked the basics (why PA vs MD vs NP, how will you financially support yourself, what kind of support system do you have, etc), but the majority of what I was asked was based off of my resume & application. I had Mrs Gates (the previous director) & 2 faculty members interview me.
  3. I went to pick up my Certificate of completion yesterday from the program. I was told that things might be changing this year & that alumni & guests may not be invited to the orientation dinner. When I had my orientation dinner, I was able to bring guests with me. I brought my mom, my sister & my son. However, that was when we had Mrs Gates as our program director. She was awesome!!! The new program director (I'm NOT a fan of hers at all), has decided to change things up & that may be something that she's planning on changing. If alumni are invited, I will definitely go, but if we are not allowed to attend, then I won't be allowed in. I'll let you know if I hear anything from them about it. Keep me updated if you hear anything.
  4. That's weird that it is not allowing you to PM me. The one in August is probably the Orientation dinner. The October might be the Potluck lunch. I will place them in my calendar & try my best to attend both, but I will definitely attend the Orientation dinner.
  5. Sure. Just know that I don't check my PM that often. I come on here every once in a while, but once I see your message, I will promptly respond.
  6. My name is Yessenia. I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the orientation dinner. PA school is going to be hard, but trust me, it's going to be worth it. Start studying for physio now!!! Dr Garvey (the professor who teaches the class) is no joke. She goes lightening fast!!! She loves Guyton & Hall's textbook of Medical Physiology. We used the 12th edition. I think (but not sure) that a newer edition came out. Save money & buy an edition that's one older than the newest one. They are practically the same. I had some classmates use the 11th edtition & it was 95% identical to mine which cost a lot more. For pharm, there is a new professor (I forgot her name) running the program. She taught us a few classes while the pharm program was being run by Dr Kashfi. Since I didn't have her as my main instructor, I don't know what book she uses. These are the 2 classes that most students have trouble with. Study these hard now!!!
  7. Nice to "meet" you Samanta. I'm so used to your screen name. Lol. My name is Yessenia. Can you please PM me the date of the orientation dinner? They still haven't notified us of the date. They usually send out invitations to us last minute to our school emails (which I'm not sure if they will still be valid at that time). Once I find out, I will put it in my calendar in order to make sure that I can attend.
  8. Hello Afreen246. Did they give you any further information about the interview? Who did you interview with? I highly recommend the book by Andrew Rodican called "How to ace the Physician Assistant school interview". It gives great advice on how to formulate your answer for the interview. I suggest picking that up & reading it cover to cover. Some schools will ask you really bizarrre questions (I personally didn't get any bizarre questions on my interview). It's not because they expect the correct answer, it's because they want to see your thought process. It gives you an insight into how & why they ask the questions that they ask. The book also discusses what type of answers that can sink your interview.
  9. Hello Pa2Be516. Keep your head up. At least 2 people have decided to decline their seats which means that 2 people will be called off of the wait list. I have no idea what criteria they use to determine who gets called off the list, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I think it's a great idea that you decided to take additional courses. I took organic chem in my undergraduate. You will see very, very, very little of it in PA school. Physiology & pharmacology are the 2 main classes that many students have problems with. Many of the students that fail & have to repeat the following year stem from failing one of these 2 courses. If you can switch your inorganic chem to a physio or pharm class, I think that would help benefit you more in the long run.
  10. I am sooooo happy that you got in!!! I remember talking with you last cycle. I'm so glad that you got it. Congrats!! If I'm able to go to the orientation, I would love to say congrats in person. What is your name so that I can find you if I am able to go?
  11. When my class started, we started in the beginning of July. However, last year's class was the first class to start at the beginning of the fall semester (end of August). I think that's how it's going to be set up going forward. I am awaiting notification from the school as to when your orientation will be held. I will do my best to attend & wish you all the best in person. Once again, congrats to all those that were accepted. To those that were wait-listed or who were not accepted, keep the faith. Work hard on improving your application by shadowing or taking courses to make yourself an even better candidate next year. Best of luck.
  12. To all those that got accepted, congrats!!! Welcome to the Sophie family. You are in for quite the experience. You will be more stressed, tired, cranky, sleep-deprived, etc than you have ever been in the past. Your didactic year will be tough, but it will give you the foundation to succeed during your clinical year. Here’s some advice from a Sophie alum who's been there & truly knows: 1) Friendships will form with most of your classmates & some of these friendships will dissolve. It's normal. Stress & anxiety affects people differently. No matter what, always remember that you are united as a cohort. NEVER throw any of your classmates under the bus because it will always come around & bite you in the ass. Trust me. I've seen it happen. 2) You will have some classmates that you will hardly ever talk to. Just because you are in class with someone all the time, doesn't mean that you have to be BFFs. You need to accept this. Don't take it personal if one of your classmates doesn't want to talk to you or stay after school to study with you. Invite them to join your study group even if they never stay after school. You never know, one day they may join you. 3) You may have a classmate that you don't like or don't get along with. It's ok to not be friends with everyone in your class. It's NOT ok to purposefully exclude them or talk negatively about them to your fellow classmates, professors, faculty or preceptors. It will NOT reflect well on you if you do so. Always conduct yourself professionally. 4) DON'T form cliques. I've seen it in my class & the class before & the class after. It undermines the unity of the class. Even if you don’t think the faculty will notice it, trust me, they will. 5) You will ALL have a class that you will struggle in. Just because you are kicking ass in one class or in one semester, doesn't mean that you will not have a class or a topic that no matter what, you just don't do well in. If you are doing well in one class, help out your classmates that are struggling. You never know, they might one day be the one helping you out in the class that you are struggling in. If you see someone struggling, help them out. Teaching a topic to a fellow classmate helps cement the concept in your head. By helping your classmate, you end up helping yourself as well. Plus, it’s good Karma. 6) ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS speak to the faculty, instructors & preceptors with respect. Even if they seem cool & down-to-earth, even if they dress casually, even if they talk to you in slang, even if they curse up a storm (this will happen when you are on rotations), even if they belittle you (once again, this happens on rotations), even if they make you mad, you must always speak to them professional & with the utmost level of respect. You never want to be viewed as a slang talking, disrespectful unprofessional. Never give them a reason to doubt your professionalism. 7) There will come a time when you will feel overwhelmed. You will feel like the workload is too much to take. You will feel like you can’t do it. You will snap at your family, your spouse, your significant other, your friends, your classmates, etc for the smallest things. You will feel depressed. You will doubt yourself & your ability. You will wonder if you made a mistake in joining this program. You will wonder if the faculty made a mistake in picking you because you think that you are not smart enough. You will think about dropping out from the program to avoid the stress. You will question yourself if becoming a PA is what you are really meant to do with your life. This is completely normal. Even if when you are feeling at your lowest, know that everyone that has ever sat in that seat before you & everyone that will ever sit in that seat after you, will feel the same exact way. Just remind yourself (and your classmates), that the struggle is worth it. Trust me. Remind yourself that you went through a lot to get in. Remind yourself that you were chosen amongst many because the faculty believes that you have what it takes. If they have faith in you, so should you. Have faith in yourself. 8) Nobody in your life, your parents, your spouse, your significant other, your siblings, your children & not even your friends, will TRULY understand what you are going through…..unless they are in PA school or went through PA school. Trust me, PA school is unlike anything that you have ever done before. Initially, your family & friends will say that they understand, but after a few months, some of them will question why you need to stay in school so late studying every single night. Some will tell you that they were able to work & go to school & still had time to go out. Some will try to convince you to blow off studying for JUST one night to hang out with them. Don’t fault them. They miss you. But stay strong. When you slack off studying for JUST one day, it becomes easier to slack off another day & another day until you realize that you have not studied for a week. You worked too hard to get into PA school & are busting your butt to pass PA school to risk failing a class. 9) Realize that some relationships & friendships that you currently have may change & some may end. I was warned of this beforehand, but never thought it would happen to me. I now speak from experience. I have seen several marriages end during PA school, several relationships started with fellow classmates and more than several students with family problems stemming from their inability to go to every family function because of PA school. I personally have had a few of my friendships end because they just couldn’t understand that I couldn’t hang out every weekend like I used to. If this happens to you, don’t fight it. Don’t compromise what you are working so hard to accomplish in order to maintain that friendship. Accept it & realize that this is a great way to see who your real friends were all along. 10) If you fail a class, it’s not the end of the world. Every class will lose a few. You won’t be the first. You won’t be the last. My class (class of 2015) had students that were from the previous year (class of 2014). My class also lost a few along the way & they are now part of the class of 2016. The class of 2017 has students from the class of 2016. Your class will have a few repeating students from the 2017 class. The 2019 class will have a few repeating students from your class. If you fail, you will have to sit out for a year & rejoin the following year. Use that time wisely. Study. Not only the class that you failed, but the other classes that you were supposed to take as well. That way when you come back, you have at least the basic fundamentals of everything & the classroom lectures will help with the stuff that you didn’t understand. 11) Trust in the faculty. They may seem scary & unapproachable and sometimes they can be, but they are here for you. They are your advocates. While you shouldn’t go to them with simple things that you can figure out of your own, you SHOULD go to them if you are ever having a serious problem. Go to them if you are worried about failing a class BEFORE you actually fail the class. They will help you out, whether if it’s by helping you evaluate the way you study or helping you set up good study habits or whether it’s pointing out additional resources/books/study guides that will help you out. Trust in them. They only want the best for you. They want you to succeed & do well since you will be representing the Sophie PA program.
  13. Btw, I finally figured out why I never get email notifications. For some weird reason they keep going to my spam folder even though I keep marking messages as not spam, it keeps going there. Smh.
  14. You're welcome. I can't wait to hear the good news from everyone here. They should send an email to the alumni letting us know when the orientation dinner is scheduled to take place. If I am not working that day, I will definitely attend. It will be my first time attending as a graduate.
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