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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know, missamerICAN spoke to Lindsay at NSU who said she will be setting up a Facebook group for us next week!
  2. Just wanted to let anyone know who is currently wait listed that one spot will be possibly opening up for you because I have just declined my admissions as I accepted another offer! Loved NSU Ft. Myers, went with another NSU school though :)
  3. This page hasn't been updated lately, but has anyone made a facebook group for the class of 2015? Not sure how many other acceptances have been given out, but I'm excited to be one of them!!
  4. Hi, I was wondering if the program always sends out some form of response to applicants, either an interview invite, waitlist or rejection letter, or if they sometimes don't send any response at all? Thanks for all other helpful information you have posted on here!!
  5. I also interviewed on Oct. 10th, and I'm excited to say that I received the call yesterday! I was also told 2-3 wks, so I'm not sure how the order of phone calls are decided but I'm sure it takes a bit of time to get ahold of everyone. Hope you get the call soon too!
  6. @Valeevad Any specifics on the things you've heard about the Ft. Myers campus? I'm looking forward to my interview next month as well and I haven't heard too much about the program except what I've gathered from the school's website
  7. Thank you for pointing out the downloadable charts, I'm not too familiar with all areas of the forum website and these will be very helpful!!
  8. E-submitted my CASPA beginning of August and sent the supplemental shortly after, haven't heard anything yet, hoping for the best!
  9. I can second these feelings, I'm trying to prepare for an upcoming interview as well and I'm having trouble finding information like the effects of the Affordable Care Act on Florida PAs and other important issues. I read Andrew Rodicans newest book about getting accepted into PA school which was helpful so I would think the one on interviews would be good.
  10. I realize this question has probably been presented before so I'll apologize in advance, but I just wanted to get a better understanding of how to present the differences when being interviewed, and I'm in the process of building a sort of comparison chart so that I can get as much information as possible. From the shadowing that I have done with a PA in clinic and surgery I have really only encountered one NP in the clinic, and could not "at first glance" gather enough of a difference in the method that she saw patients for clinic appointments. But I know that NPs and RNs alike are not traine
  11. This confused me as well after submitting my CASPA, I actually searched the website and found the supplemental app area somehow: https://webstar.nova.edu/pls/PROD/bwskalog.P_DispLoginNon I had to create a login username then you can select the Nova program you're applying to and fill out the supplemental, I actually did this before receiving the email with the same link from Nova
  12. I was told by someone in admissions that they will still invite you for an interview despite a missing prereq with the understanding that you would take the class before matriculation (which would mean you would have to take it in the Spring of 2013 and finish before classes start, which is stressful but I guess possible). Just wanted to add that because I was very surprised
  13. Came here to ask the same questions! Just received an interview invite and scheduled for November, very excited!
  14. E-submitted in the beginning of August, just received an interview invite, scheduled in October :)
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