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  1. Seems like a bunch of us are going to be there on the 9th! Just got my invite too :)
  2. I interviewed on 9/17 and received my acceptance via e-mail a week later on the 24th. Just received my actual packet in the mail yesterday - hoping to send the deposit in by this weekend! :)
  3. I am still waiting to hear back from a few schools but I really loved Salus! Will you be accepting?
  4. Just received an acceptance via e-mail! So excited!!
  5. Glad I'm not the only one. I too had everything sent in weeks ago, received the supplemental processed e-mail on 8/20, and just received the "application complete" notification around 9pm tonight.
  6. Do you mean you have another interview? Or you've officially been accepted for this cycle's class? If so, congrats that is so awesome!!
  7. Has anyone heard anything from PCOM regarding interviews or application status? Good luck to all that applied! :)
  8. Thank you!! I chose the morning option since I live in Philly not too far from the campus.
  9. I'm also interviewing on September 19th! Did you choose the morning or afternoon session?
  10. Verified on 6/9 and had not received anything from USciences. Contacted them a few weeks later to confirm and inquire about the supplemental application and they responded on 6/25 stating that they had not made confirmations nor supplemental applications yet. Has anyone else had a different experience?
  11. Just received my interview invite today! Anyone else interviewing on September 17th? And for those who are curious: CASPA verified 6/9, Salus confirmed 6/13, interview invite 7/15.
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