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  1. Just wanted to let you guys know that interviews officially start next week and will run through the spring. Good luck!
  2. I think it was March 1. I sent the rest of my info in January and interviewed in March.
  3. rizyk, is it possible you could post the link here on facebook as I have not been able to find it through a search. Thanks
  4. My overall GPA was a 2.94. (freshman year GPA was horrible) My science GPA was a 3.49. The last 50 or so credits was a 3.57. I was accepted to Franklin Pierce in NH. I think they focus on the last 60 credits.
  5. rizkyk, I would love to join the facebook site. Can you send me an invite?
  6. Love the climbing. I am climbing as many mountains as well. I am also skiing late into the season as I am sure my skiing days will be far and few between. Has anyone received their official acceptance in the mail? I am waiting for mine (I just received the e-mail). PAGirl, any news? Chris, any good websites regarding the housing? Thanks Sue
  7. Hi, I just wanted to start a post for the Class of 2015. I would love to start getting to know my fellow classmates and how each of you are preparing for November. I have lived in NH for 15 years, but have lived in Montana for the last year. My family will be moving to the lebanon area. If anyone has any good suggestions regarding housing, that would be appreciated. Thanks:=D:
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