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  1. ive decided to vacate my spot so someone should be receiving an acceptance real soon. hope that the spot will go to someone that can be of value to the university!
  2. called the grad office today and they said they have accepted around 40 so far. ive been placed on the waitlist but best bet is to call and ask.
  3. has anyone checked embark regarding their status?
  4. can anyone shed light how on the interview process was on friday?
  5. has anyone interviewing in dec from out of state booked his/her hotel yet? the hotels around the the campus is kinda pricey; econo is charging 75+ a night..
  6. is the interview process with 2 separate admissions staff or with both at the same time? can anyone shed light on this, thanks in advance.
  7. congrats! must've been a grueling 3 weeks wait... how long was your interview?
  8. ^^^ same thing happened to me. they prefer not to waive the 3 semester units for applicants so i would recommend asking them to accept coursework where stats was part of the course. if you took any classes in your undergrad years that mentioned "use of statistics" in the syllabus/course description, print that out send it to them, with the "Petition for CRS review" form.
  9. received an invite today, scheduled interview for 10/23, submitted CASPA on 7/23. good luck to everyone!
  10. how is that compromising one's intergrity when most schools have such information readily available BEFORE making you pay the $75 supplemental fee?? and last time i checked, SCCO does not use rolling admissions. i don't know who you are but you sure are condescending.
  11. can anyone shed light on what the 4 essay questions are?
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