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  1. If I was rejected by a program after an interview, would it be wise to reapply to the same program? I took one extra course since then and I've been continuing my HCE.
  2. Sorry I misread that. I dont know why they wouldn't disclose that info, but if you did your best then it doesnt matter. Your best bet is to just stay positive then and not go insane over the details. You have more interviews so you still have lots of hope.
  3. Its probably because the numbers on the waitlist are subject to change. Number 3 may get chosen before numbers 1 and 2 because 3's application was given deeper consideration before selection and it was decided that they were a stronger candidate. Can you see the drama that can arise if they told you what place you were in? I think its a good thing that they dont share that information. It shows that they greatly care and give deep thought into which alternates they choose. And it gives some hope to all alternates on the list. Were you accepted to any other schools?
  4. I made it as an alternate for one school and i have not been accepted or waitlisted for any other programs. My question is regarding financial aid in this situation. If Im accepted right before classes start, will it be too late to apply for/receive financial aid?
  5. Ive got a few questions about interviewing. Im more of an outgoing and energetic introvert, than an extrovert. I feel very comfortable working in direct patient care (8+ years CNA exp) but I feel that Im bad at interviewing. I had one interview already and it felt like a disaster. Ive practiced a bunch at home and prepared, but I feel so nervous and I have the worst inner critic. Ive been told to just be myself, but it has been so difficult in this situation because my future is on the line. Can admissions coordinators pick up on my personality type and see that I would be good with patients? Or do i have to really present myself as extroverted even though my application screams experience? I know a handshake and a smile are important. Can I use my introspective side as a strenght? Should I tell them up front at the start of the interview that Ive got a lot of nervous energy, but that they need not worry and are encouraged to look past it? When asking them questions, is it ok to ask them to compare their school to others Ive applied to? All advice is much appreciated! Thank you.
  6. They send invites out via email. I just got mine yesterday. Scheduling your interview is done all online. The email will give you the info on how to do it. It was pretty easy.
  7. I would focus on getting your RN/BSN first. Working as an RN will give you an huge perspective on the industry, and more $$$ to save for graduate school. You will work directly with MDs, PAs, and NPs all the time and you will get a true feel on what your future could be. Get a job as a nurses aide before then if you can. If you really have PA in your mind though, you need to focus on getting good grades now. Especially in the prereq courses. PA programs list their required coursework on their websites. Hope that helps you!
  8. My suggestion is that you get your BSN and work as an RN for a good year or 2. You will double your income from a CNA and have much more leverage when considering graduate studies while supporting your family. I cannot help but recommend that you also consider nurse practioner from your current info. I know a nurse that is going to NP school part time and is working full time in our hospital. She is able to pay for school directly as she goes along and doesnt have to take out loans. From what Ive seen, all PA programs are full time. My biggest recommendation for you right now is that you apply for nursing assistant jobs in a hospital setting. You will see first hand what RNs, MDs, PAs, and NPs do, and you will gain a higher level of technical experience that PA programs love to see. Working in a long term care facility shows that you have the stomach and back to handle difficult patients, and most hospitals will hire you if you plan to get your BSN. Hope that helps you!
  9. very nice. you could definitely consider ARNP or CRNA with that collection
  10. Just wanting to see how diverse the applicant pool is. Please choose the best category that describes your undergrad degree.
  11. I got a call from Cathleen a few days ago and was invited to interview!!! They offered me a spot for the first interview session in August, but I told them that September would be better for me b/c of my work schedule. It seems they are pretty flexible on scheduling interviews. Best of luck to everyone!
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