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  1. Hey guys I have a CME review course binder that I used the first week of February. It's from the 5 day review course that was held in Scottsdale, AZ. I can also include a couple of the tests that they gave us to take every night. I've already taken and passed my PANCE. It has some highlighting of key terms and areas throughout it of course but perfect condition. I'm located in Charlotte, NC. If anyone locally is interested we can just exchange or I'd be happy to ship for the right price. Make me an offer. Not trying to rip anyone off just figured it could help someone who needs its. I
  2. I'm looking for rotations around the Charlotte, NC region. I already have a few set up there (likely orthopedic, peds, and ob/gyn) but was looking for a couple more. Anyone have any extra connections/sources around here? Thanks so much!
  3. Last I saw there was one on April 26, not completely sure though and not sure about May. Hope that helps
  4. I studied Athletic Training with a minor in Biology and have been an Athletic Trainer for the past few years at a D-1 University so I have have knowledge and exposure to the medical field. I never took a medical terminology class during undergrad or before applying but have a "medical terminology" exam at orientation which is a few weeks before classes start. Just a little nervous about it because I don't have a clue what to expect. Any suggestions, readings, books, links, or advice for what to expect? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  5. I'm entering PA school in about another month. My girlfriend is originally from Delaware and all her family still lives there. Stumbled across this bit of information and thought it may apply to some folks out there... http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=s4kqygdab&v=001LUMlplLnauazZnc61Uo6f_q6nj8IhLvG3K4rCFTst5K3RoIUuJjvNh55Na3h2aA0yHbx5Ni8oC7AeseKd8dCrGRUtMAG0svZkJqN-xRGhAf7H2r-SFtK3hWV8wkKkT3hSB5kvCyvPmCiHvsguLys4lgb82L0HL4W5Byv55AVr-luM2hmYk9WRvicCR1CVxC4TB3PmZasG5A%3D
  6. Anyone heard any recent news about the waiting list? Has it been drawn from any or do they still anticipate changes?
  7. I received an email from Jessica Russell late Friday afternoon.
  8. I've received an invite for an interview on April 20th.
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