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  1. Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery PAs: I work for a busy practice primarily in the operating room with minimal clinic or rounding responsibilities. We have been looking over the finances and are seeing that our collections are far below the cost of each PA to the practice. We are near the 50th percentile in wages. I am curious how others in the these subspecialties do? Are you profitable for the practice? I feel like we should be, so we are trying to analyze and figure out why our collections are not much better. Feedback is much appreciated.
  2. Are these still free? Just went to go to their website and it was down so just was wondering if anyone had gotten one recently. My class just started learning knots today and i definitely need some good practice.
  3. SteveyTI

    Military Pay

    What is the approximate pay for the first 3 years of each of the branches? How does it compare with average civilian pay? I am very interested in serving and am just curious as to the difference. Thanks!
  4. I was accepted to PA school with almost all of my hours working as a PT aide. I also had many shadowing hours as well as around 1,000 hours of sitting with patients at night. Variety of experience is always good!
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