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  1. Thanks. Sent mine in a few days ago and haven't received a confirmation yet. I'll just verify with them next week.
  2. Congrats to all those who received interviews / offers! Did anyone receive a confirmation email after accepting their interview date?
  3. Thanks for all your help everyone. It's going to be a mess figuring out exactly how many hours I have (on calls/on duty). I should have done some better documentation myself... but I'll make sure it all works out in the end. Thanks again!
  4. It might even be higher. CASPA considers an A- a 3.7, while my university considers an A- to be a 3.667.
  5. Hi all, I became an EMT when I was 16, and I am now a sophomore at my undergraduate college. Most of my EMS experience has been volunteer (aside from a few temporary paid opportunities). I was wondering how I should count my total hours of "prior healthcare experience..." As for my volunteer hours: Can I count the total number of hours I was on duty? Or can I only count the hours that I was actually interacting with PTs? For my paid hours: If I was paid for a certain number of hours as an EMT, can I count all of those hours towards the HCE requirement? Or only the hours that I had direct patient contact? Thanks for helping out guys! -Steve from NJ
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