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  1. It was just a regular morning, starting a customary shift when the call came over our dispatch radio. "Unit 241 come in." We responded, "Unit 241 copy, go ahead.” "We need you to respond with no lights and sirens to a resident address with a chief complaint of lethargic." "Unit 241 10-4, copy page and show us in route." We drove over to the resident house regularly driving like any other call. Once arrived on scene, Mrs. Anderson explained that her husband has not been acting like himself and just has been "sluggish". We then spoke to Mr. Anderson; he responded when his name was called and even answered a few more questions for us regarding his symptoms. As we were getting our equipment’s ready to obtain his vitals, Mr. Anderson became unresponsive. We called out his name, then did a chest rub, still no response. Hastily, he was placed on his back, and chest Compressions begun to take place with oxygen being provided. "He's going to die isn't he?" Mrs. Anderson sobbed with sheer terror in her eyes as hands were being pushed down into her husband chest. As chest compressions were continued, we brought Mr. Anderson to the ambulance drove lights and sirens to the hospital. Within just 10 minutes on scene, the condition of my patient changed entirely. Examples like this are why I am passionately in love with medicine and why I will continuously pursue a career in this intriguing field. My passion for medicine is what mainly drives me to chase a career in the profession of Physician Assistant (PA). I have always been fascinated with medicine: how the body systems function, and how they are all connected and depend on each other. I am captivated by the fact that we can speak, talk, or even move our fingers. Furthermore, I am amazed of how the body can then betray itself when sickness or disease is present whether by external or internal causes. It is just mesmerizing. As a medical provider, I would be in the field of helping people through medicine, using all that amazing knowledge and applying it to ameliorate someone in need. It is through my understanding that all those fascinations can also be discovered in any other medical profession but to me, PAs do it differently. I can frankly say that due to my experience with the PAs I‘ve shadowed. One specifically is the orthopedic PA Foldessy. He treats every patient as if he knew them personally. Taking the time to not only talk about the medical issue at hand but also to see how they’re doing and how other family members are doing. He would then continue to take in every detail of a patient’s complaint, making sure not to miss anything. He would listen carefully and then continue to treat them. That demonstration of patience and understanding from a PA speaks so much volume to me, because though you are a higher level of provider, you can still make care the top priority. Since a child, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Started college to take up a career as a doctor, and I even went ahead of myself and ordered MCAT study books. It was not until my sophomore year in college that I discovered the beautiful field of PA. Met my first PA during my doctor office appointment. Due to school, most of my doctor’s appointment had to be in the afternoon which meant that I could only get the PA. Notice that the PA was more patient with me and so much easier to speak with when consulting with her. She took the time to explain to me everything. Her sincerity and intelligence reassured me that I was in good hands. PA became all that I could think about, and I began to research more into the field and discovered that PA school was on average two years compare to the four plus years of medical school. Furthermore, PAs could specialize in whatever field they choose while still having the option to change it if they want. Curiosity then got the best of me, and I went to shadow my first PA. He demonstrated those same qualities that I valued dear in a health care provider: patience, intelligence, and kindness. I was hooked and never looked any other way. I then continued to shadow different PAs in differents specialty to gain more perspective on the career with sheer determination. My Determination to become a PA, unfortunately, did not mean it was easy. If anything, it had been the hardest thing I've ever done and am not even in PA school yet. The truth is, I have struggled academically my whole life, finding it incredibly hard to maintain a good GPA, let alone a competitive one. However, I will not let that hinder me from pursuing my goal, and I pray that it doesn't deter you either from accepting me into your PA program. After applying the first time and did not get in, I decided that I was not going to give up because I truly cannot see myself doing anything else. As a result, I went back to school at a local university and retook some pre-requirement classes that I did not do well in and tried my hardest. This time I surely understood how hard it was to get into PA school and was willing to do all it took. Some things had to change so I went completely part time at work and worked only about two days a week. Poured in all I had into these classes that I was retaking; studying hard and praying even harder. Additionally, to compensate for my lack of competitiveness academically, I challenge myself with added health care experiences and exposures, and they’ve taught me so much. Time interpreting for Haitian Creole speaking patients has filled my heart with humility and fortitude.My three years as an EMT has equipped me to prosper as an efficient team player for both during and what lies past PA school. I've exposed myself in different parts of medicine to confirm my desire for this profession. In life, one must have the right mindset to succeed and the right motivation to keep pushing. I believe that I have that type of mentality. I’ve always persuaded myself to progress further than my failures. Understand that I will not hide from the truth and say that I don’t have my moments of defeats. The truth is I have lots of those, but I never linger on too long on those thoughts. Alternately, I focused on the problem and began to conjure a productive plan that will better my current situation. My road to pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant was not at all easy. Nevertheless, through my love for medicine and my deeply need to care for others, I was able to press on through every obstacle that came my way. This new avenue is not one to take lightly, but I am confident and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.
  2. For those already in the program, why did you choose UF PA program. And now that you are in it, what are some specific attributes that you like about the program?
  3. Do they send you the supplemental application once CASPA has verified your application and send it in?
  4. Hello all, I want to know which PA programs focus more on volunteer hours community services, and patient contact instead of grades. Please, I need to know. Thank you
  5. Hello, just want to start by saying thank you for dong this! I want to know if schools verify the people that writes the letter of recommendations? I ask that because my friend is finishing up PA school (last rotation) and not yet an official PA, I want her to write it for me because I need one more letter and can’t think of someone else. Can she write it as a PA and get through or does CASPA or the school actually verify it? Thank you in advance.
  6. I though so too, thanks for that. Do you consider placing the last paragraph as the second one or third?
  7. Thank you so much for responding, will get it looked at.
  8. I’ve struggled for many years towards trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Medicine had always being an interest for me and I thought of becoming a doctor, but quickly learned that it does not suit me as the individual that I am. I wanted to work in a field of medicine that took on an ample of responsibility like a doctor but that takes a different approach towards patient caring. Physician Assistant fits that perfectly because it allows the individual to work in a setting that is both driven and humbling. I’ve seen great characters in the few of the PA I’ve shadowed. The patience that they demonstrate towards their patients and their humbling spirit when interacting with their supervising physician. My interest for medicine derive from my love of patient caring. That is what drove me to do what I am doing now, EMT. During the brief moments that I spend with my patients, I try my very best to make them count. I put great effort towards treating my patients with compassion, care, and respect. I understand that my scope of practice is very limited on what I can do for their better health, but all I can do, I do. The thought of changing someone mood if only for a second just by showing to them that you do really care about their health makes a great difference. Though patient caring is a great deal for me, I wanted more responsibilities around the health fields such as prescribing medicines and diagnosing. During my volunteer experiences at Caridad Center, I gained a great perspective on why I so desire to become a PA. I first started to just volunteer at Caridad offering my services on doing whatever they wanted me to, but soon I got certified as an interpreter for Creole speaking patients who needed the help. It was such a blessing to my heart to be able to help those who absolutely could not help themselves. I could not do much for them in other areas of their lives but doing what I can for the moment felt amazing. As a Haitian immigrant myself, I was able to better relate to them. My heart goes out to all immigrants because just a language barrier can stop them from so many opportunities that can be given to them. I remember when the tragedy of the 7.0 magnitude hits Haiti and how my house in United Stated took an emotional quake on its own. We could not sleep or rest until we heard from the family members we have in Haiti. That semester for me was just as startling and it shocked me a lot academically. It was the worst semester that I went through and my grades took a deep plunge. I don’t use that as an excuse but more of an explanation. So much of my past has shaped me into the person that I am today. I grew up in the city of Port-Au-Prince in the island of Haiti. My dad left for better life to the United States when I was only two years old. My mother left also to the US when I was only four. I was then left to stay with my aunt and uncle under not the best of care. My aunt brought family members form the country to stay at my parents house. At times there could be over 20 of us staying in the same house using the resources my parents were sending from the states. It was not until the age of 10 that my parents were able to fly me to the United States and I was able to be one with this wonderful country and its endless possibilities. These possibilities are what make it possible to pursue a career in Physician Assistant with a strong passion unlike anything else I’ve pursued. My determination, perseverance and my faith are my best weapon towards achieving my goals and they have not let me down.
  9. Hello all, I understand that this is a personal question to my self but I can’t come up with a somewhat good response. I have some C’s in my application and I will have to explain them, the question is how? The real answer is that I tried the best I can in these courses but somewhow came up short with C’s. I feel like that answer is really weak. Help anyone?
  10. Hello all, I understand that this is a personal question to my self but I can’t come up with a somewhat good response. I have some C’s in my application and I will have to explain them, the question is how? The real answer is that I tried the best I can in these courses but somewhow came up short with C’s. I feel like that answer is really weak. Help anyone?
  11. Hello all, I understand that this is a personal question to my self but I can’t come up with a somewhat good response. I have some C’s in my application and I will have to explain them, the question is how? The real answer is that I tried the best I can in these courses but somewhow came up short with C’s. I feel like that answer is really weak. Help anyone?
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