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  1. I agree with Khoi. My grades were in no way stellar, 3.3, but I had a LOT of hands on experience. They want to find the right mix of students, not just one kind!
  2. I was accepted into the class of 2014 (interviewed in November, accepted in end January). I had also been accepted to UTMB and UTHSCSA, but UTSW was my #1 choice. This was my 3rd year to apply for PA school, so I think my perserverance to be a PA helped finally get me in. My GPA is only a 3.3 and GRE was 1160, so nothing too stellar. However, I've had 5 years of direct patient contact working as an Exercise Physiologist running diagnostic stress tests and many hours of volunteer work in both the medical field and community theater. I guess this goes to show that you don't have to have a perfect 4.0 to be a candidate at UTSW, although it doesn't hurt! For this cycle, there were over 1,100 applicants, around 110 interviewed, and 40 selected. So its pretty competitive, but not impossible. I also thought that I didn't do that well in my interview at UTSW, as it was my first experience with multiple-mini interviews, but I guess they saw my personality show through the nerves. Good luck to anyone who is applying!
  3. I interviewed Jan 20th and was accepted that Thursday after. However, I gave up my spot as I was also accepted to UTSW. Hopefully one of you will get the spot! It was a tough choice. I really loved the staff at UTMB. This was my 3rd cycle of applications so don't give up. Keep pushing and they'll see your drive!
  4. I too gave up my spot at UTHSCSA so someone should be getting a call soon! I'll be at UTSW as well!
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