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  1. there is a reason why somebody seeks medical attention This is why MDs laugh at the newbie PAs and NPs, they dont understand the fundamentals of medicine
  2. when wrong resort to name calling, typical response of an ignorant person. I always include my reason for imaging on my imaging request forms. If you do not know when and why to order imaging than you are an incompetent provider and should have your license removed.
  3. look at the comments leading up to my first comment, they all have to do with imaging. The conversation changed from turf to imaging. I only commented on the imaging aspect of the conversation because i disagree with failure to do imaging out of fear. When indicated imaging should not be delayed.
  4. This only reflects your limited understanding of x-ray application and interpretation. X-rays remain to be invaluable tools.
  5. My original comment stands, fear of obtaining imaging do to incompetence or lack of basic clinical reasoning is a major cause of delayed and missed diagnosis. Ignoring symptoms and cavalier attitudes lead to harm. The new wave of anti imaging and anti testing in an era of marked technological advancement is a detriment to our society. Twisted my words by adding/insinuating whether by one or many does not change facts.
  6. you should be ashamed of yourself for your racist video, and you are a moderator?
  7. Did i ever say for "all back pain"? What has this forum turned into? a bunch of whining nurses? please, read the comment before making such ignorant remarks. this forum is really going down hill
  8. why not just ignore every complaint until it comes back to sue you, oh because you would not have a license any more Bread and butter of low back pain is to have x-rays, it is the initial study of choice and standard of care learned first day of medical training
  9. dont chop my comment up, keep it whole, "for not doing an x-ray", the point was not to be scared to image for a complaint that has indication, x-rays are by far the best initial imaging for low back pain period, you do your patient injustice for failure to consider their complaints seriously
  10. try explaining to a jury why you failed to do an x-ray (minimal radiation exposure) and missed lithesis, cancer, fracture ect.
  11. JMPA

    PAs Are Sexy

    i'm sexy and i know it
  12. JMPA

    White Coat

    When an employer does not value a professional it is time to walk, i would tell them to kiss where the sun don't shine, you worked to hard to tolerate this kind of nonsense.
  13. what do you call a doctor that graduates at the bottom of his class?
  14. JMPA


    if even asked to do that work then the job is #*&# and i would leave, it shows no respect for the provider, they make enough off of you, dont demoralize yourself for their end profit, them them hire a janitor/clerk/nurse ect.
  15. Poor cardiopulmonary history. Certainly would need to do testing do to lack of good history. From what is stated it describes pleuritic chest pain. Should consider pleuritis and pericarditis in differential. Are the vitals pre or post nitro? GI is definitely in my differential. Consider mets.

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