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  1. Never accept lower pay for training, it is a red flag
  2. watch your tramadol use, it has many interactions, does not mix well with muscle relaxers, don't forget the cumulative effects of tylenol with NSAID ( a very effective regime), ISTOP/UA/hands on evaluations with good charting should be enough to cover all bases Ramble complete
  3. GABA can work well for neuropathic pain, it is better tolerated with less side effects than pregab, with that said do not stop high doses, wean do to potential for seizure. I do not allow my patients on a combo of opiods and benzos, i do not do it, it is a game of sudden death.
  4. SMFH, why do people undermine salaries? UC is a high risk field, yes COL comes into play BUT I would never do UC as 1099, and certainly not for PC wages, please people know your value and your risks along with average salary reports for your demographic. I would not do 1099 UC, and i would not do UC for under 75/hr in any city. Be careful with 1099, you may not be able to work that way depending on your state laws.
  5. we dont do well exams at my place, you sound like you are working fp or pc not uc. uc billing is much different, somebody is misleading you. minimum of 2 patients a day takes us out of the red
  6. i currently work UC in NYC, have many acquaintances who also work UC, any pay that is lower is foolish do to the high risk and COL. Do you realize that one only needs to see 2 patients a day for UC to be profitable?
  7. not true, average is 75 - 100 dollars an hour for UC in nyc
  8. otp has negative connotations, it is not something praiseworthy. we do not need a review of our title, we need a change. i am not ok with stalling/prolonging this important ideal of our noble profession.we need a mover, a shaker, a revolutionary! well, maybe not a revolutionary but we already fell too far behind the powerful nursing association that has been riding off our credentials for too long
  9. the problem with medical practitioner is the ambiguity, to much overlapping with allied health. Physician associate represents the similar training that PAs recieve. A subtle change such as physician associate makes a marked difference with perception and would improve advancement through legislation while keeping ties to our creation. We can call ourselves medical practitioners now and it is completely lawful, but awful. Of course we are medical practitioners. How about prescribing practitioners or diagnosing practitioners, or physical exam practitioners, or ............. Just keeping it real
  10. commercial drivers must be able to inspect their rigs, this may require climbing/squatting/kneeling/pulling themselves up. If a driver is unable to perform these maneuvers do to a hernia than they are putting others lives in jeopardy. i agree that hernia exams should be mandatory for all CDL drivers
  11. there is a difference between the term physician associate and associate physician. i am all for the term physician associate. i believe that it describes our role in medicine perfectly. it is simple to adopt. it takes away the misconceived notion that we are assistants, and it is currently being used by several programs. anybody can potentially be an associate of a physician so coining the term would be a first step.
  12. Disclaimer: this is only my opinion Urgent care is NOT a place for a new grad unless possibly a savant, it is best to have some ER, fp, surg, internal med, ped experience beforehand perhaps all those. Many places expect UC PAs to hit the floor running. You are liable for all patients that you see even if you are training. If you realize that this is not the right time or position for you than you should exit immediately. You are only putting yourself and the employer at risk for malpractice. You can leave the same way they could fire you, with minimal notice. It does not have to be a negative, one lives one learns. Best of luck
  13. um, maybe starting lisinopril with c/o cough is not the best option. Did you do CXR? any orthopnea? basal crackles? peripheral edema? smoker? asthma? PFTs? done dirt cheap
  14. trivial at best, i would wait and see, If it is only one class, than it should not be a problem. You should be exposed to plenty of microbiology while in your program.
  15. JMPA

    Is this even medicine?

    One can use an x-ray to evaluate for abscess although not an imaging of choice, it can also be very helpful to look for osteo

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