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  1. Fake news with liberal slant PS not all vaccines are for viruses
  2. Darier sign, i just like to draw on my patients
  3. they chose the manager over you, you should just leave. sanitation workers earn more than that
  4. Yes you can bill, and yes you will get reimbursed. If the patient was seen in the ED and a pulmonologist consult saw the patient, would the pulmonologist get to bill even if he saw the patient the same day? if you contributed to the patients care than you are entitled to reimbursement for your services. Most coders i know are happy to discuss their trade. Coders can be the most over looked yet critical people in the system.
  5. I received this lovely email today, please comment as seen fit. A bill to allow Physician Assistants (PAs) to perform fluoroscopy has been introduced in the New York State Senate by the Health Committee Chairman, Gustavo Rivera. The New York State Radiological Society is opposed to S1812 (Rivera) due to patient safety concerns including inadequate physician supervision of a PA performing fluoroscopy both during clinical training and as part of their practice. Please Call Sen. Andrew Lanza (R) at (518) 455-3215 to express your opposition to this bill. Please Ask your Sen. Andrew Lanza (R) to tell Senator Gustavo Rivera that S1812 Jeopardizes Patient Safety. You can find talking points and background information on the PA issue at Thank You, Richard Friedland, MD, FACR President NYSRS
  6. uhhmmm no, you are wrong they would call why a bacterial infection was not treated with antibiotics, maybe they are calling you about opioid deaths in mass because you over prescribed, haven't received a single call about opioid death
  7. more likely to receive a call from the medical examiner why no antibiotics were found
  8. I vote this thread be locked, there are no double blind, placebo control, peer reviewed studies to support such claims
  9. Dont stray from the topic which seems to be a common theme on this forum. Note the first sentence of your response:Of interest, a few vaccines induce a better immune response than natural infection: Yes, a few! How do they prove that the vaccines offer better immunity? They can not. This response does not detract from my original statement concerning rude, unethical unlawful clinicians behavior towards people choosing not to vaccinate nor the failure of vaccine herd immunity. The responses to my comments have been childish at best. Wake up people, know immunology 101, learn the limitations and benefits of vaccination and provide knowledgeable, courteous, professional medical care to your patients without resorting to "bias, bullying, childish, harmful behavior". I'm done lecturing infants
  10. Vaccine herd immunity, i cannot make it any clearer As for herd immunity, have fun: " Vaccination stimulates an artificial, temporary immunity that does not last as long as naturally acquired immunity. Sometimes vaccination does not prevent infection at all but allows infection with few or no symptoms in the vaccinated person, who is still able to transmit the infection to others, which is the case with B. pertussis (whooping cough). At best, it may stave off infections in some vaccinated people for a limited period of time."
  11. typical drivel, refocus and state why you disagree with my quote. the truth hurts. why don't you cite to me and all the people who read this forum, why herd immunity applies to vaccines? why don't you show me peer reviewed articles that state that immunization is equivalent or superior to immunity from direct infection? you cannot argue with my statement because it is true scientific fact. read carefully, i said "vaccine herd immunity" yes vaccine herd immunity does not work. Please read carefully before joining a discussion.
  12. Thinkerdm did not discredit anything, he tried to re direct the point. He stated nothing directly pertaining to herd immunity and immunization. You can find this information in any immunology text book, far superior to peer reviewed articles. This does not require peer review, it is a fact. Scientific textbooks on immunology cover this subject in detail.
  13. Your "clarification" does not address my fact, it merely tries to derail the conversation to assumption of origin. As stated, this is immunology 101, and it should be well understood by all practicing clinicians. I see nothing in your drivel that disputes this fact. Please read up on immunology and vaccination.
  14. Who profits off the labs being ordered? Who gets in trouble for fraud when labs are sent for profit? sometimes the answer you are looking for does not involve medicine.
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