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  1. If anyone wants to start a facebook group page for Touro Winthrop class of 2016 def let me know and i will join! Thanks and Can't wait to start!
  2. do i need to reinterview for the others, or is it 1 interview for all 3?
  3. For everyone that was accepted, how long did it take to find out that you were accepted from the time of your interview? How did they notify you of your acceptance? I was interviewed a week ago
  4. By the Roosevelt field mall there are places to live. Specifically behind "the source" mall there is an Archstone development and also another delelopment, but i forget the name of the other one. Will you have a car or no? I am going for an interview for winthrop in a week. Can you PM me and tell me about the interview, like questions asked, atmosphere etc. I lived around the area of winthrop my whole life so i can def help you out with whatever questions you might have. PM me. Thanks
  5. ust got an interview at wintrhop. can you tell me a little about the interview and how it went, what to expect, questions, etc?

  6. For those of you who got interviews, would you mind posting your stats like gpa, science gpa, extracuricclars and work experience. Also, did you send your app early? Thank you!
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