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  1. Congrats! I am finishing pre-reqs there for a year. And then hopefully getting in. So I'll be on campus but still have the "pre" part to finish up. Glad to hear you got in :-)
  2. Thanks for the response. My contact with the staff/faculty has been extremely positive as well. They respond very quickly and thoroughly to emails and questions. I have been unsuccessful in finding out student reviews other than a few comments from other forum posters, but have a generally good opinion of PCT from my small personal experiences. If anyone has any other info feel free to add. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I was just accepted to PA college of technology and was curious what some thoughts were. I read the other threads but it seems not many people respond for whatever reason. I'm currently a pre-med/biology guy at a state university. I have a bunch of "junk credits" (term my advisor used) since I had changed majors twice in non-science fields. So I was looking for a way to either utilize those credits in for a major (like a general studies or liberal arts kind of major) or streamline my education, and noticed that PA college of technology didn't require a bachelors and would perhaps
  4. The PA's I've shadowed and have come in contact with seem a lot more happy overall both with their career as well as family life. I had a long conversation with a doctor who said his marriage fell apart, his kids felt abandoned because he missed so many school activities, and he dropped some of his hobbies due to time constraints. The one PA I talked to said she was extremely busy as well but said her job accommodated a family lifestyle far better than a few of the physicians she worked with as well as another PA (she was an ortho PA, her co-worker PA was geriatric specialty I believe.)
  5. I'm glad we got some good conversation going. I was pretty much thinking the same things as most of you. I tend to see both sides of the situation. I agree that it was his job to sell me something and that makes me question his facts (in a good way. Nothing against salesman) But I can also see how it may help with a lower or average GPA. Personally, my GPA isn't horrible, but it's not perfect either. Judging from everyone's thoughts and comments I think I'll save my money and study for it on my own. I can put that test prep money towards a few more applications.
  6. Hey all... I tried doing multiple searches for this topic but all my search combinations came back as being too general. I went to a meeting last night at my university where a representative from a test prep company was talking about how important the GRE, MCAT, and other entrance exams were for getting into professional school. One of his points he emphasized was that schools look at test scores more than a GPA. He stated that schools understand one may have a rough semester or two. That sometimes a poor grade really is due to the professor and his style/grading. Does anyone know if thi
  7. Hello everyone, I'm a new guy to the site and would appreciate some advice or suggestions. My high school guidance counselor talk was about 5 minutes long about what I wanted to do and what I was good at. I explained I wanted to work with people and make a positive impact. I also said that I enjoyed chemistry and the guidance counselor suggested forensic chemistry. He then gave me a website that made the job sound like puppy dogs and rainbows everyday. To help condense my story, I did two years of forensic chemistry. This also included liberal arts credits for classes like anthropolo
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