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  1. Hi David! Good ... Sitting in on a class is a good move. I believe I got a 580 on the verbal section, a 740 on the quantitative section, and a 4 for analytical writing.
  2. It may be better to do this on the facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/223134977774073/), so we can get to know each other a little better, but I figured that we could start on here ... Maybe just put a little blurb about who you are, likes/dislikes, what you are looking for in a roommate, etc. Name: Julia Karnoski Age: 23 Hometown: All over Southern California Undergrad: Loyola Marymount University - Natural Science Hobbies: Hot yoga, running, beach volleyball, snowboarding/skiing, boating, cooking, hanging out, I like to entertain and have people over ... Drink? Yes. Smoke? No. Pets? No. Favorite Movies: Wedding Crashers, Old School, Ocean's Eleven, Moneyball, Bridesmaids was pretty funny, Definitely Maybe Music: Country, Hip Hop/Rap, Reggae, Alternative, Oldies ... a little bit of everything Where do you want to live: San Lagos Apartments (2 or 3 bedroom) Your perfect roommate(s): I would love to live with someone who is down to earth, easy-going, and fun. I would prefer someone who likes having people over, and someone who does not have pets. My priority will obviously be school, but I would like to enjoy myself during whatever free time we will have... Post your profile if you're looking for a roommate! And join the facebook group!
  3. Hey Everyone! I recently found out that I have been accepted as well! I was wondering if anyone had any advice as far as choosing between Midwestern and Western in California. I'm a little torn, and I would appreciate any help you all could offer. Thanks! And join the facebook group!!
  4. Hello Everyone, First of all, I have a question ... I have recently been accepted to WesternU and Midwestern University, and I am torn. If anyone has advice on which school would provide a better education, please let me know! I know that US World News and Report has ranked Midwestern substantially higher, but I would appreciate more insight if anyone can help. Thanks! And to answer your question, Rosemary ... I would suggest making yourself known at Western University over the next few years if you are serious about getting in. Take a tour, go to info sessions, and sit in on classes...everything you participate in on campus gets put in your file, and it will show the interview committee that you are serious about becoming a pa, and serious about attending Western. I would also suggest that you get involved in some kind of community service, and join CAPA or AAPA (and read their newsletters!). They want to know that you are committed to the medically underserved and that you know what issues are facing the profession -- they will want you to talk about both in the interview. If you call the director, Roy Guizado, he will talk to you and let you know what areas you need work on.
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