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  1. thanks shay for creating a fb group for us :) !!! so excited to meet everyone at the end of august. and congrats sade and samantha!!!
  2. Hey Shay and Erin! I figured Id introduce myself as well. My name is Nicole and I am from Massachusetts, I went to undergrad in Ct and majored in bio-premed, I took the past year off to actually do alot of shadowing and just focus on applications for school,like you Erin I played basketball in college so alot of my time was devoted to sports and school. Im a little bit nervous heading to NY and being a completely devoted red sox and patriots fan, Im thinking I may have to leave those items behind! Shay, one of my good friends from college moved out to CO after we graduated and she says shes never coming back to the east coast becz she absolutely loves it out there! and just to inform you guys I have a very SMALL amount of HCE myself, we arent alone! i look forward to meeting everyone and i hope everyone enjoys this summer since the next two will be quite occupied with studying!!
  3. Hi walter0259, Congrats! I actually just called about housing, and they said once we receive our acceptance letter we can go on the website and fill out the housing application for grad students and mail it in with a 150 deposit, they said sooner then later because they fill up quick, and she told me that studios, one bedroom and two bedroom are already full so to get going on it and not to wait! Hope this helps!
  4. I am and Im super excited!! and I know I feel like there has been no activity at all!
  5. Has anyone who had an interview in February hear back yet?
  6. Has anyone who had an interview in February hear back yet?
  7. jamisa: lol no im anxiously waiting to hear back as well, driving myself crazy wondering! crossing my fingers! hopefully only a cple weeks tops until we hear back! hang in there!
  8. I have an interview at the end of this week.. any quick helpful tips?!
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