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  1. I'm on the alternate list. Anyone else? Let's update each other if we hear any news!
  2. Thank you for updating us! I'm waiting too! Let's cross our fingers for some good news soon. :)
  3. That's true. I just feel like most places won't want to hire you if you have the possibility of leaving them within the next 5 months. I think I'll tell them that I am waitlisted and waiting, so I can be working anytime from 5 months to 1.5 years
  4. I would like to piggy back on this, I am in a similar position as you all. I am waitlisted for 4 and waiting to hear back from 2. I am looking for MA jobs and I was wondering what you tell your employers when they ask you how long you are planning to work there? I know most places want you to work for at least a year, but because we are in such a temporary position, I really don't know what to say. So when applying for jobs, what do you say to your employers to inform them that you may leave anytime from 3-4 months to possibly staying a whole year? I feel like its unethical if you lie and say you'll stay for a whole year..
  5. Don't feel so down! I was looking through the forum and people had interviews all the way till March!
  6. Thank you for updating so quickly! Also Congratulations!! I also interviewed on Feb 11, hopefully I'll hear from them soon. Did anyone else hear anything?
  7. Congratulations! Just wondering, when did you interview?
  8. That was the same for me, when I interviewed there in January. When I spoke to a group of 10 applicants, they all said they were waitlisted. I only knew of one applicant who was accepted. I thought my interview went really well, and they said it was really great as well. Still, they said I didn't have enough patient care hours ( I had about 1000), and they insisted I work on that. I was sitting in a cab with another applicant who got waitlisted. He had 3500 hours, but they said he didnt have enough hours and needed to work on that. So I'm not really sure what they're looking for, but hopefully we'll know soon.. Is their last interview date in March or April? Does anyone know?
  9. From speaking to the Western applicants at the interview and from school, most people like Western because it's a shorter program that cost less than the schools in the surronding areas. It also requires less prerequisites, which creates a larger applicant pool, and hypes up the university. I think Western is a great program, with the underserved component and the interprofessional learning, but all in all- all programs are great programs. I know you are struggling with decisions from multiple programs, I think you're thinking too much into it. All programs are really great programs, and offer large amounts of opportunities. In the end, it depends on you.What school did you feel like you fit best in at the interview? What location do you see yourself living in? I understand it just snowed in Hillsboro over the weekend, and that really does make a difference. Coming from southern California, I honestly wouldnt know how to survive in the snow..So it depends on yourself. And how great of a PA you are depends less of the program, since you are accepted to really strong programs already, but more on the motivation of the applicant of the PA. I dont know you, but i've seen your responses in multiple threads, and i know that you have the motivation. So now you have the fun part. It's a simple question of, what is most important to you- location, mission statement, didatic curriculum, PANCE? And then choosing from there. I personally would choose Pacific, but you already know why ;)
  10. Will do this! It seems like other people have done the same. I'm afraid to annoy them, but I want to show that I really want it. Anyway, time to write my letter of intent, Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the information Megan! As someone who is waitlisted, do you have any advice to get off the waitlist, or make myself a stronger candidate? Did you update them frequently, or not update at all and just waited to be called?
  12. I guess this cycle was to show that I was not ready in one way or another. Time to start beefing up my HCE. Thanks !
  13. You know how to take a bad situation and turn into a great opportunity. I guess I will assume the worst, and try harder for next round. It's really frustrating to know I was so close, but you're right. I should fight for my dreams. Thank you for your encouraging words!
  14. I dont know what to take from this. Please help.
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