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  1. does anyone know when the last interview date is? I submitted my app mid september...
  2. would you mention in your interview that you are a reapplicant? please share any preparation tips!! thank you in advance :)
  3. Congrats to everyone who has recieved an interview. Has anyone had their interview yet? Any advice please? Thank you in advance :)
  4. Hello everyone, I am an reapplicant and my interview is coming up. Is there any advice you can provide regarding how to prepare?? Thank you in advance!!
  5. I still have not heard back from them, I submitted my app mid-September. Has anyone heard back yet?
  6. Hello, I have recieved an interview invitation and I am a reapplicant. Was anyone able to attend the information session? Did they discuss the format of the interview for this year? Thank you in advance :)
  7. Hey yes I got an interview invitation and I am a reapplicant. Last years interview consisted of 4 mini interviews which included basic questions about the profession and behavioral questions. Was anyone able to attend the information session? Any idea of what this years interview will be like? Thank you :)
  8. Thank you for your response. I have read the book and it was helpful but it is pretty hard coming up with answers to them without sounding like a robot... I feel like my answers are scripted rather than genuine...
  9. Hello, I recieved an interview invitation for Western University's PA Program and I am a reaaplicant. Was anyone able to attend their information session? Any ideas of the interview format? Thank you :)
  10. Thank you for your help. I was actually granted an interview, I addressed the issue in my personal statement. Do you think they will bring it up during the interview?
  11. Sorry for the late response. Ive been looking at different programs but everything is expensive. Do you know of any cheap programs in the Los Angeles area??
  12. Thank you l.a.lewis for your response. I am looking all over for HCE but I wasnt able to find anything yet. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I am currently shadowing a PA but thats about it. What do you recommend is best for me to do??
  13. I am searching for a PA to shadow in or around Los Angeles, CA. I am willing to commute. If you are a PA who would be willing to allow me to shadow you or know of someone else in these areas I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
  14. I am looking into applying to Westerns PA program. However due to several personal issues I was going through at that time I have 5 Ws on my transcript with 2 of them being in science- chemistry 10 (intro general chem). I was finally able to take it again at another community college and got an A. Right now I am back to getting good grades and have a 3.85 GPA. I was told to write about this in my personal statement. How should I address this??
  15. Thank you for the responses. I recieved these Ws within 2 long semesters but I am back to getting A's now and I got an A in the chemistry which i retook. I am just scared about getting accepted to a good PA program because I still havent gotten any HCE and to top it off I have these Ws under my belt...
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