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  1. Thank you for the reply and input! They offer dental, vision and health insurance (all in is aprox $210-220 per month which would cover my sig other). Coverage for short and long term disability insurance, as well as life insurance at no additional cost. They do cover license, DEA, CDS and one professional society due (i.e AAPA, or PAFT). Will pay for a board review course one year out to re-certification. 3 days bereavement. No mention of time off for jury duty (will have to look into it). Uptodate subscription included
  2. Hi All! Looking for some thoughts on an urgent care offer in northern NJ. Multi specialty practice based urgent care. Mix of acuity. We can get stat CTs. $64/hr = 133120 per year Hourly not salary 160 hours PTO 0 hours CME days $1500 CME Mix between 12hr (week day 8A-8P) and 9hr (8A-5P) shifts 4% match 401k 5% annual bonus Approx 20-30 patient's per day I have 5 years experience as a PA Thanks in advance! ~E
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