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  1. congrats !! Kim and Lamont. I guess I will see you both in June( Seattle/Tacoma). I was offered a spot as well. It was very nice meeting everyone and hope to see all of you in the future. It was truly a humbling experience. Everyone was so talented. I would like to meet others that will be attending in June. I have questions about the area being from Virginia.
  2. I was told by a friend currently in the program "final verdict should be handed down by the end of the month". I am still waiting also..
  3. I dont mind, qualifying gpa 3.4, prereq gpa 4.0 , 18D Medic 10 years NAVY (20,000 hrs) clinical, Volunteer time 120 hrs . Currently teach Tactical Medicine (TCCC) on a contract basis to Military and Federal.....
  4. Thanks all for the advice. Best of luck to everyone . "hurry up and wait" .
  5. C step, Do you have a list of the other schools 40-60 replacement ? I am in the same boat, 3.4 GPA prior 18D Medic 10 yrs. I was not serious about school when I graduated in 1999...... I live in VB... waiting for the word from EVMS.....
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