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  1. I had more than 3 outstanding at the time of the application (but was progressing in my classes on time to only have 2 outstanding the semester prior to enrollment). I took a chance, and glad I did! I was granted an interview at my top choice school based on a strong academic record and experience up until then. And yes, I was accepted. I urge you to do the same, as long as you meet the max # of outstanding pre-reqs your programs allow in the semester prior to starting PA school.
  2. Good to know... Biochem is not in the curriculum :) Only pharmacology.
  3. Hi all. I need some advice from current PA students. I start PA school in the fall. Last week a great temporary job opportunity came my way that I really don't want to pass up, as it will be my last chance to make some decent money until 2015. The job would end a few weeks before classes begin. The problem is... I am in the middle of taking an Orgo & Biochem class which would interfere with the job. Since this class NOT a requirement for my PA program, I am very tempted to drop it and work instead. The only thing keeping me from dropping it, is if the Orgo/Biochem background will help me with pharmacology in PA school. Your thoughts?? Thanks very much.
  4. Thanks everyone! I had this discussion with a PA, and she too thinks baby+school=too much stress for everyone involved. wca- yes, my program allows a leave of absence. As tempting as that is, i'm thinking i'd rather get schooling out of the way rather than prolong it... thanks again.
  5. Thanks wca. I figured I can always take a year off if things become too much to handle. An MD friend of mine had two babies in her residency. She was away from home 70hrs a week (and her hubby was gone half the month for work). They're my source of inspiration in this tough decision. The only downside is that the nanny became the primary caregiver :(
  6. Hi all. I start PA school in the fall. My husband and I want to have a baby and would rather not wait until PA school is over (despite the rigorous program), as I will be 32 at that point (and we want 3 kids!). For those women who are/were pregnant in PA school, is it better to have a newborn during the didactic or clinical portion? We will live 30 minutes from school and hire a nanny or do daycare during the week. Your thoughts/insight are much appreciated
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