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  1. @hlane

    Thank you sincerly for the post!

    I am a UTSA graduate (Local universty in San Antonio Texas) **I took extra courses to continue meeitng the requirements as some of the schools admission requirements have changed ---

    I have volunteered for a local ER at UH in San Antonio, so I thought of perhaps diversity and volunteerig in a different service meanwhile adding the enrichment opportunity to my youger siblings.

    You are right, now many have experience and I am one of those applicants who lacks medical experience. I do have a good volume of shadowing, however I lack in volunteering. I will turn that around for this application process.

    I cannot take honors courses as I have already graduated.

    UTMB is a program I would LOVE TO attend. I thank you personally for the guidance and I will take your word for taking immuno or patho vs organic chem.

    Thank you again!

    BTW you rock! Congrats on getting in! I hope to maybe see you at UTMB if I am competative engough and fortunate to gain admissions!

    Cheers!!!!! :;-):

  2. Here is my story [condensed]:

    applied 2 years ago, made the alternate list in san Antonio (was not accepted)

    Had a beautiful baby, did not apply this past year

    I am in the process of applying this year with a goal of submitting my application by May 2012

    I am taking an EMT-B class this month, ends in June

    I have shadowed a new PA, and shadow a former PA

    Volunteering numbers a low, I am gathering my resources to volunteer at the food bank as I cannot find a better fit for my sisters and I (I am very pro-college! My younger sisters need to invest their time now, so that they can list this as volunteerism, reflection, etc when they apply to school)

    I took comparative anatomy and I am looking into taking A&P this summer (So this will be in -progress)


    I have a C in organic chemistry, I don’t know if I should re-take this course.


    What do you all think?

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