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  1. Congrats to those of you who got accepted! I received my denial letter today! Gosh darn it.....this was my second interview! Here's to another application cycle! Best of luck to those of you still waiting! I think it is cool that you get a call! Amy
  2. Hi everyone. I'm wondering how the interviews went this year. My group was the last group to interview. I was interviewed one on one. That was super intimidating. The other time I was interviewed, it was a panel of faculty, I think??
  3. Hi all! I interviewed on the 26th and was told that Wednesday was the last day of interviews. Mr. Tovar said that they will be notifying us next week. Just thought you'd all like to know that! Best of luck to all who interviewed this cycle!!
  4. Hi all! Has anyone interviewed recently? Just wondering what the traffic condition is...construction, etc? Thanks in advance! Amy
  5. Ha ha! That's funny. I checked too. I don't know why because I haven't even interviewed yet. I guess it's just nervous energy. Thanks, Blessing! I need all the luck I can get! If anyone hears anything, please post, ok??
  6. kismet - I'm so sorry to hear that! I feel like we're old friends here! I was really hoping that by the second interview, we would be considered great candidates, but I guess we are evaluated with each applicant pool independent of how many times we applied and interviewed. Next cycle is definitely yours!! For me, four cycles and counting. I interview next week so getting super excited and even more nervous! Best of luck to everyone!!
  7. GatorGirl - thank you so much for sharing your story. It's both encouraging and discouraging. I'm 42 years old and applying for the fourth time!! I did public relations but gave up my career when my hubby took ill. We didn't have children because taking care of him took up all my time. I'm really hoping that eventually, they realize that the fact that I was able to make such huge sacrifices and change careers based on my passion and dedication to be there for my husband just goes to show how invested I am in pursuing the PA profession.
  8. Hi all! Just checking in. My interview is on the 26th at 2:00 PM. I'm thinking I'm like the very last one....hahaha! This will be my second interview and just want to make it through. I do remember that the staff and faculty are SUPER nice. Makes me want to go there even more, if that's even possible! Best of luck to everyone! Hope we get to be classmates. Amy
  9. Hi all. Congrats to those who are invited to the validation session. I received my validation letter on 1/24/14. It was post marked 1/19/14. My validation is 2/26/14 at 2:00 pm, but received a call from Lio yesterday. I was totally scared to answer thinking it was a call saying that my invitation was a mistake! He asked about my degree and said that they might change my validation date. For all of those who did not get invited to a validation session, I just wanted you all to know that I applied four times!! The first time, I was rejected. The second time, I was invited to the validation session and then denied. The third time was last year, I was just flat out denied. This is my fourth cycle, and I was invited to a validation session via letter in the mail and then received a phone call saying that my appointment may be changed, but they would keep me updated. My advice is don't give up. You never know what will happen. Stanford is my first choice school and that's why I've applied four times already! Good luck to everyone who is attending validation sessions! Let us know how you do. Best of luck.....Amy
  10. Congratulations to all who have been invited to interview. Best of luck! I got my "non-acceptance" letter today. Here's to applying again next year! kismet and tlabounty - Congrats and good luck! I hope you guys get in this year! You'll have to let me know whether you did something different or in addition to boost your chances! Let me know how it goes! Hopefully, I'll be invited again next year! Oh, for those of you who asked about the validation process, last year, it was one applicant to two interviewers. My interviewers were genuinely nice and asked about family, the moving process for me since I'm from out of state, my husband's health condition since he has a chronic illness (who would care for him if he should take ill, etc.), and my work experience. The validation session took about 45 minutes. I do not really remember details about the writing samples though.
  11. Wow! That's either very encouraging or very discouraging depending on the type of day I'm having. I feel like the hardest part is the waiting. I feel like the universe is telling me to just hurry up and wait! I've learned a lot through this process. Apparently, patience is not a virtue I possess. I really want to just call up there, but then in addition to be the girl that keeps applying against all odds, I'll also be the girl that keeps harassing them! I'm supposing that's not something that would reflect favorably in my file....hehehe!
  12. Hi! Nope, have not heard a peep. I could be wrong but I thought we received letters in January and interviewed in February. If I remember correctly, I interviewed 2/22? I can't wait to hear from everyone on their statuses! Best of luck!
  13. Joelseff - thanks for all this info! I am so glad I found this site! I applied blind the first year. I found this site last year after I got my interview/validation letter. I interviewed but was not accepted. I actually cried all over my denial letter! The last time I cried was when my husband almost died 14 years ago! Also, you mentioned getting a master's without a bachelor's degree? I did not read this anywhere or maybe didn't quite understand what it meant. I have an AA and since I was not accepted last year, I am finishing up a BS in psychology and a senior right now hoping to graduate in the summer if all goes well. I've been working as a scribe for the last three years and have about 8,000-10,000 HCE hours in direct patient care and volunteer health fairs depending on what Stanford accepts. Ansharma - the info on the 6th timer gives me hope. I'm a third timer so I'm really hoping the third time's the charm. Good luck everyone!
  14. Oh, I did start a thread for interview letters! Please post when anyone hears! This waiting is totally nerve racking!
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