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  1. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone from the University of Saint Francis- New Mexico program can post their stats (GPA, Health Care Experience, etc.) I didn't get in and I was wondering what to do to improve my chances. Here's my info: B.S. in Biology Overall GPA: 3.75 Pre-requisite GPA- 3.5 Health Care Experience: 700+ hours as a physical therapy technician I had not taken Microbiology, and I got an email from Tony Romero stating that he would like me to re-apply Any info/opinions would be nice
  2. I was just wondering if those who have been accepted to TTUHSC can post their stats? I didn't get in and I was just wanting to see what I should do to improve my stats. I have a B.S.in Biology 3.75 overall GPA 3.5 Pre-requisite GPA 700+ hours of hands-on patient experience as a PT tech and had pretty good recommendation letters (most of the people that wrote me one gave me a copy of what they wrote.) I did not have many volunteer hours, but as far as leadership, I was a recruitment counselor in a sorority and I was an officer for my university's pre-health care club. I didn't h
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